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How To Choose A Luxury Real Estate Agent?

Let’s be honest it is really hard to find a good real estate agent whether you want to buy a home or you want to sell you dear home to someone. A good real estate agent can make or break your deal. They will either be the reason you profit or you lose your money.

Now that is especially true for luxury homes. For a luxury home, you need a luxury real estate agent who knows the market and knows how to present himself or here. Even if you have to pay a lot for a good agent you should. This is something you shouldn’t compromise on.

Now the question is how to choose a good luxury real estate agent, we will tell you how. We will guide how to choose a good agent whether you are selling a home.

While looking for an agent you should know there are three kinds of agent. With three tires of the credential.

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Marketing Online:

This is the digital age and half the people look for homes online. An agent who has a website and all social media account and knows how to market his homes online is a gem. These days people look up homes online and find a few they like and visit them. Online marketing is really important.

But just putting up a picture of your house is not going to do it. Take drone shots you have a luxury home you should make it look like one by putting up a great a video online. Your agent should know that these things need to be done. If he or she doesn’t know about all these things drop him or her and find another one.

Offline Marketing is just as important:

Well because images and videos are not it, you need to know where your agent is listing your property. It this where luxury properties are listed and how many luxury connections to events and shows he or she has.

Offline marketing is important because the home showing events are a great way to sell the property to find out how many shows your agent has hosted. In these shows, you directly find the buyers interested in luxury homes

Knows the Market:

As cliché as it sounds you need to look for someone who knows everything about the area, he or she is working in and selling properties. He or she should know which luxury home was sold at what price and who bought it. Because all these things are important in determining the value of your home.

This really narrows down your search for a prospective buyer because if your agent is aware of all these things, he knows how many people or who in particular would be interested in buying your home. If you hire someone who is not hyper-local then it will be hard to sell your home.

Experience Matters A lot:

You don’t want someone new and just searched how to become a luxury real estate agent. You want someone with experience who has done this all before and you are not their first customer. Don’t make that mistake.

If you are choosing someone new because everybody has to start somewhere try to find someone who has worked with a big agency before so, you know they are at least somewhat experienced.

But, for the most part, you need someone who has closed big sales and can promise you that you will only profit from him or her and not go in the loss. Because an inexperienced agent can take you there. It’s not worth the risk. There are websites through which you can track the sales of your agent. Do search it before you hire him or her.

The Right Network:

There are a lot of ways a luxury agent reaches his or her client. Because narrowing down luxury clients is pretty easy you know where you can find them. Some agents play golf a lot in order to get clients and talk to rich folks who may be interested in buying a house or even if someone they know who wants to buy a house helps.

This way your agent directly connects with clients, his or her office could be in a coffee shop or any other place where he can find luxury clients if your agent has a good network you are in good hands.

Moreover, your agent should be connected with other agents who have rich buyers just so agents know your home is out in the market.

Knows your Property:

Needless to say, your agent should know the value of your property when you go meet him or her the first time. He should know how it will sell and has done his homework beforehand. Because a good agent will start treating you like a client the minute you call him. He or she will do his homework on your property and when you finally meet him, he will know everything.

Knows How to Present Themselves:

A good agent understands that they have to look the part while selling luxury properties. They should be well dressed their office should be neat and clean with good furniture. All these things matter because if somebody doesn’t look like they belong to the upper-class people won’t accept them. As shallow as it sounds it’s true.

Ask These Questions to Your Agent:

  • How do you plan to market my home to the public? Keeping in mind the marketing tactics above see if he or she know what they are doing.
  • Are you going to involve other agents? If yes, they are a good agent. If not, it means they probably don’t have a good relationship with other agents and that’s a bad sign.
  • How well do you know my neighborhood?

If the agent you are meeting checks all these boxes and answers all your questions in a way that it satisfies you it means you have found a good luxury real estate agent. If not, you should keep searching do not settle for less.

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