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How to Choose the Best Colour Wig for Yourself?

Every person is different and so as their choices and preferences. Sometimes it isn’t about what you like but what fits you best, this thing stays true in the case of clothing, accessories, makeup, life partner, or even while choosing a colored wig. Unfortunately, this blog can’t help you in choosing but it can aid you in picking the best type of color wig.

First of all, you need to check your skin tone or if you belong to a warm or cool family. For example, if you prefer to wear gold tones when it comes to jewelry, then you are likely to fall into the category of a warm family. People who like to wear silver tones are likely to belong to the cool family.

There are many other factors to decide if you are warm or cool, like 

  • People who have golden brown, green, turquoise, green blue, brown flakes, or hazel with gold-colored eyes are generally warm.
  • Apart from this, they also have skin tone having pale with peach or gold undertones, brown with a golden undertone, brown with a pink undertone, freckled, and ruddy skin tone.
  • The natural hair color of warm people is generally red, strawberry blonde, deep brown with gold or red highlights, natural Golden blonde, and grey with the yellow cast.
  • There’s one more way to check if you are a warm person, that is by looking at the skin on your inner wrist, if you have a greenish shade then you probably warm.
  • In conclusion, olive, golden and dark skin with dark in brown eyes are warm. People who are Latin, Asian, and African Americans are warm.

While choosing a wig for a warm skin tone, one must avoid colors like violet, blue, beige, and other Ash based colors that can wash out the skin tone. Basically, a weakly highlight wig isn’t a good choice for such people. Instead, choose wigs with golden tones bronze, caramel, and other shades that are darker than their skin tone. The wigs that will look best on warm people include colors live rich golden brown, dark warm Brown, auburn, chestnuts, golden blonde shades, red highlights, warm gold, etc. Also, any wig that has gold or red-orange they will look great on them. They can try highlight wig with copper streaks, golden blondes, and golden-brown shades, as this will add warm tones to their hair. They should try to avoid Jet black hair that can wash them out and if they are trying a golden shade, they should stick to the heavy one.

Let’s talk about the cool skin tones now… 

These people are attracted more too silver jewelry and have blue or green eyes with fair skin. They tend to bum before turning in the veins in their wrists our kind of blue.

Cool people have eyes coloured: 

  • Grey-blue or dark blue
  • Deep Brown or black Brown
  • Grey or blue flecks
  • Hazel with white

Their skin tone is generally: 

  • Brown or bronze when they tan
  • Very dark brown
  • True olive
  • Medium with golden undertones
  • Medium with no colour in cheeks
  • Pale with pink undertones
  • Pale with no colour in cheeks

Their natural hair colour is usually: 

  • Deepest coffee Brown
  • Blue black
  • Dishwater blonde
  • Medium Ash Brown
  • Salt and pepper
  • Medium golden brown
  • White

For cool-toned person the best wig colours our cool browns, shiny Jet blacks and cool blondes with shades from mink to Platinum and icy white. They should avoid wig with colours Golden Blonde and yellow. They can try highlights in honey, wheat, ash, and taupe shades. It is advised for them to stick with neutral, beige, and ash bases while choosing a wig colour. Search people are also lucky enough to wear various exciting unnatural hair colours like burgundies, lipstick reds, purples, and orchids. People belonging to the cool family should not go for shades like yellow, gold, bronze and red. With warm tones, they will look drawn and sallow.

In the end, I would like to say that sometimes you can be out of the box and pick colours that are funky because it’s fun to be weird at times. You can pick a blonde human hair wig for your Halloween party costume. It’s all about feeling good from within when carrying yourself; so pick the wigs that boost up your confidence and allow you to create your own style statement.

If you are still confused about choosing the colour of your wig and you don’t know what to pick or colored lace front wigs, then you can talk to the experts at Kriyya. Here, we help our customers to match up to their wigs with their personal style and guide them in choosing a wig that not only adds up to their appearance but allow customization as per their own sense of style.

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