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How To Close Teeth Gap Permanently By Orthodontic Treatment

The gap occurring between two teeth is known as diastema or teeth gap in simple terms. There are various orthodontic treatmentoptions available to fill the teeth gapand a qualified dentist etobicoke or a dental clinic in your neighbourhood is the best source to get help and guidance. The teeth gap generally appears between two upper teeth in front. However, you should also know that gaps can also occur between any other teeth.

What causes teeth gap

When the size of the teeth and the jaw bones present a mismatch it creates crowding of your teeth or gives rise to extra space between your teeth. The extra space is created when the teeth are not big enough for the jaw bone. On the other hand, when the teeth are too large it creates crowding. But, there are also other causes that give rise to teeth gap and these include undersized or missing teeth. Additionally, habits like thumb sucking, particularly in children also can create gaps. Another factor that can impact the tooth gap is incorrect reflex while swallowing. If you observe, while swallowing, the tongue presses against the palate (the roof of your mouth). However, certain people tend to develop what is called tongue thrust which is a different type of reflex where the tongue is pressed against your front teeth. In turn, this type of reflex pushes forward the front teeth leading to tooth gaps. Similarly, gum disease can cause bone loss. When the bone loss is acute, the tooth tends to get loose and movement of the teeth, in turn, necessitates front teeth gap closing. Children may experience temporary teeth gaps when the baby tooth falls out. However, when the permanent teeth come into their final position, the gaps close naturally.

Symptoms of teeth gap

There are many symptoms associated with teeth gap and in adults, receding gums is among the major symptoms. Receding gums become noticeable when the gum tissue around the teeth starts wearing way, or pulling back, leading to enhanced exposure of your tooth or the root of the tooth. Gaps begin to form between the tooth and gum when gum recession sets in. This gap, in turn, can trigger a build-up of disease-carrying bacteria. Without appropriate and timely emergency dentist etobicoke treatment the bone structures and tissue around the teeth suffer damage and can lead to tooth loss. Although receding gums is widely noticed in many adults, most people do not notice it in the time since the recession occurs gradually.

Some of the noticeable symptoms include:-

Exposed roots

Exposed roots can be very uncomfortable and sensitive. Often, this indicates the need for periodontal treatment and may be attributable to aggressive brushing habits and the use of toothbrush having hard bristles.

Loose teeth

Loose teeth are also associated with receding gums and bacteria as well as periodontal disease beneath the gums surrounding the teeth are often the cause. With the receding gums worsening, gum pockets start deepening on account of losing the attachment structure.

Long teeth

Yet another symptom of tooth gap is visibly long teeth. When the gums start receding due to periodontal disease, the teeth start appearing significantly longer than what is normal.

Treatment options for teeth gap

There are multiple approaches to fill teeth gap. Some of these orthodontic treatment options include:-

Removable appliances – Orthodontic aids like EZ Smile Aligners, Invisalign aligners and Invisalign clear braces can be helpful to fill teeth gap and move it closer together and correct minor gaps over a period of time.

Braces – Braces are another option to close teeth gapand there are different types of braces to address individual conditions and aspirations. These dental appliances are fixed and exert constant pressure for moving teeth into the correct position and fill teeth gapas well as other related issues impacting the alignment.

Veneers – Veneers are attached permanently to the surface of the teeth and are useful to cover marginally wider gaps.

Frenectomy – This represents an oral surgery St George Utah where the fraenum responsible for the gap is eliminated and generally followed by appropriate orthodontic treatment to fill teeth gap.

Generally, braces like Invisalign clear bracesand Invisalign alignersare considered the best option for most patients. You must also remember that when braces are recommended by your orthodontist, you should get a full set of braces on the lower as well as the upper teeth. This is essential because when you have one tooth moved, the entire structure gets affected and only a full set of braces can prevent potential future problems with your teeth alignment.


You may not be able to prevent all types of teeth spaces. For instance, if the spacing occurs due to a mismatch or missing tooth between the jaw size and the teeth, appropriate orthodontic treatment would be essential to address the issue. A healthy oral care regimen is essential for your oral health. Regular brushing and flossing will help you prevent many periodontal diseases and bone loss related to the disease. Similarly, if you have a habit of tongue/thrust, you can re-learn the correct method of swallowing, which is pushing your tongue against your palate (upper part of the mouth). By correcting the habit, you can expect to prevent widening space between teeth.

Early orthodontics for children

 Early orthodontic intervention is often helpful for children since their jaws are still growing. If you notice that the jaws and dental arches are not in their correct position, you should take your child to an orthodontist without delay. In many instances, these problems can be fixed with the help of functional appliances like Invisalign braces. However, your child may need more treatment in later years, but, it can potentially be less involved and shorter. You should also know that over the last few decades, kid braces have seen significant improvement with technology making them more comfortable as well as attractive than in the younger days of the parents.


 When your tooth gap is closed through orthodontic treatment or dental repair, the space tends to remain closed. However, to prevent the space from coming back again, you should be wearing the retainers/braces as advised by the orthodontist and your personal discipline can be very important in this regard.


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