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How to Find an Office That’s Right For Your Business

When searching for office space, it can be overwhelming. You’re seeing space after space and hearing phrases like community-driven workspaces and hot-desking. What does it all mean – and is any of it right for your business?

Before you settle on a space that might be all wrong, take one simple step that will ensure you get a space that is perfect for your business. Choosing to work with an office broker, like Click Offices, will save you time and money and will ensure that you end up in a space that is going to work as hard for you, as your team works in it.

An office broker is dedicated to finding you the dream space, at the dream price. All you need to do is answer a few questions before they can get on with what they do best.

Where do you need to be?

 Does your company rely heavily on international travel? Perhaps an office near the airport would suit. Do most of your staff commute on public transport? Then a city-centre location would serve. Perhaps you need a lot of space, so somewhere out of the hustle and bustle is for you. Before you can find the perfect office, you need to know where you need to be for your business to thrive.

What kind of office do you need?

A young, exciting start-up might feel perfectly at home in a coworking space, sharing their office with like-minded companies indulging in that “community-driven workspace” you have heard so much about. However, a more established business might feel a private serviced office is best suited to their needs, where they can impress clients and peers alike with luxury interiors and high-end specs.

It is also wise to consider what a space offers beyond desks. Do your staff need an area to break away from their desks, to work in a different environment so they can stretch their creative muscles? Perhaps you rely on meetings with staff and clients to make your business tick like clockwork.

Deciding who your company is and where it is going will make choosing the perfect space a breeze.

What is your budget?

 Choosing a serviced office is a wise move, for many reasons, including budgeting.

When you have figured out how much you can spend on office space, you will receive just one monthly invoice that covers all of your expenses. This makes keeping track of your spending so much easier. A serviced office also allows you to grow and expand as your business does, meaning your space can be as flexible as you are.

Our top tip: Your office broker wants to get you the best space, for the best price, so do not be afraid to view spaces that are a little out of your budget because everything can be a negotiation – even the rent!

When you are looking for an office that’s right for your business, keep these three core questions in mind and you will choose the perfect space.


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