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How To Fix A Water-Damaged Phone

Although most contemporary smartphones are now marketed as water-resistant, this does not necessarily imply they are completely resistant to liquid damage, which is an increasingly widespread problem. According to a recent survey, approximately 25% of smartphone users have damaged their device while washing it or using it in another way.

Flavours from food, beverages, or other sources can alter the taste and smell of your device. When you put liquids on your phone, they can cause serious damage to it. After drying your phone, you may notice poor audio quality, water trapped in the camera lens, rust buildup around the touchscreen, charging difficulties, and worse. So, is it possible to repair a wet smartphone? Or should you get a new device?

We’ll answer these issues and what you can do at home to fix the problem, as well as how much water-damaged phone repairs cost if you can’t repair it. Continue reading to find out what you should do if your house has just been flooded.

Can water-damaged phones be repaired?

The simple answer is that yes, water damaged phone repairs are feasible in most cases. Water-damaged phones are becoming increasingly prevalent among smartphone users, yet smartphones have gotten more waterproof as a consequence of their improved durability.

Water damage is an issue that affects a large number of people, so manufacturers and repair shops are now able to undertake repairs on water-damaged electronics. Because water damage is not covered by any of Apple’s limited one-year or Apple Care + warranties, they will charge a premium to fix your device.

Fortunately, Apple has recently concluded that this is a common occurrence, and if you have an iPhone model after 2006, it will be obvious if water damage has occurred on your phone. Your iPhone will come with a Liquid Contact Indicator that indicates whether or not it has been exposed to water. If you gently pry open the SIM card tray, you’ll be able to determine whether or not the LCI was activated. The indicator will generally appear white but will be red if your device has been damaged by water.

How do I get my wet phone to work again?

Many people rely on their phones to keep them connected, and if their phone gets wet, it may feel like the end of the world. However, a spill or a dip in the bath don’t necessarily spell disaster. If you pull your phone from the liquid quickly , there is still hope, and there are a few things you can do to get it back in working condition.

To assist you in attempting to restore your phone, we’ve compiled a list of what you shouldn’t do to get the best result.

If your phone was shut off by water exposure or was turned off before it was immersed in water, you should never try to turn it on. The ideal situation is to leave your gadget dormant; however, if you must switch it on while wet, be sure to do so gradually and carefully.

It’s a good idea not to shake or blow on your phone to get rid of the water. You may see water in your charging port, but blowing on it might just push the water further into your phone and create additional difficulties.

If you shut off your phone, don’t touch any other buttons since this may inadvertently push water further into it.

Don’t put your phone on a radiator, in the oven, or under a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. Extreme temperatures might inflict internal and external harm, as well as cause the water to spread further inside.

Even if you detect water inside your phone, do not attempt to open it yourself. Not only might you harm your phone but attempting could void any warranties or insurance coverage that you have. The less you try to fix it, the better things will turn out.

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