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How to Make Moving Easier with 9 Practical Tips

 “Easy” and “moving” are not words that are often bundled together because, let’s be real, moving is not dubbed one of the most stressful events in life for nothing.

However, that is not to mean it can’t be done. There are plenty of tips that can make it a more seamless experience than it otherwise is.

While we don’t promise following these tips will make you feel like you just got back from an appointment with your masseuse, what we know is they definitely will border on some form of therapy.

Guess at this point anything to lighten the pressure and anxiety associated with moving will do, right?

Here then, are 9 insider tips to make your next move a cinch.

  1.     Follow a moving checklist

We know, this is something you have heard numerous times but we can’t really overstate its importance.

A moving checklist is where it all starts. Skip this and you just made the job more difficult a hundred fold. Of all things you can do to make your move easier, organizing the move is without a doubt the top pick.

Unless you have to pack and vacate the house in a hurry, last-minute arrangements will leave you overwhelmed.

By the time you make up your mind to move, the move-out date is most likely a couple of weeks. Work with a window period of 8 weeks during which you can formulate a plan that you will abide by to the very end.

If you don’t have that long, 4 weeks should suffice, although this could mean infusing some haste into whatever you need to get done before the move-out date.

  1.     Decide what to keep (and dispose)

It’s your house – from clothes, to furniture, to electronics and what-not, you should have an idea of what is worth keeping and what is no longer serving you.

Sell what you need to and donate other items to charity.

When moving, there usually is no point moving with the full house. This is a perfect time to declutter and get rid of old stuff, some which you may still be attached to. It is an opportunity to bring out your ruthless side, though we don’t mean getting rid of the old family photo album.

  1.     Start packing in advance

Packing is a chore that never seems to end. As they say, though, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

By beginning your packing soon as the move becomes apparent, what you are actually doing is giving yourself a head-start. When moving day approaches, you will be glad you did.

So, get all the moving supplies and resources you need – including moving boxes (don’t need to get them at one go), sharpie permanent markers for labeling, sticker labels, packing material such as packing paper, bubble wrap etc., and more – and get down to it.

  1.     Arrange for professional movers

If you are like most people, you most likely will enlist the services of a professional mover at some point in your move.

You could have a van, but not the muscle – or the muscle, but not the van. Movers offer labor-only service too, not just getting you from point A to B in their vans and trucks. Whether you need help packing, loading or unloading stuff into your van, or other service, professional movers relieve you of a lot of mental (and physical) pressure.

Find a reputable and approachable moving company in advance and get their moving estimate so you know what numbers you are dealing with.

  1.     Pack in stages

Another way to make moving easier is to pack the house in logical stages. A lot of the stress that people encounter when moving house is due to waiting it too late to do the packing – assuming you are not entrusting professional movers with this task.

It is not practical to pack the whole house in one night, so break the packing into mini-tasks, ideally beginning with the toughest rooms first if possible.

  1.     Make use of tech

In this age of technology, what use is it if it is not going to simplify your life? You will find plenty of apps these days that can make the moving process easier.

These could, for example, help you keep track of the contents of each box, organize tasks, use them to sell furniture…basically make the move routine simpler.

  1.     Cut holes into boxes for easier lifting

Normal boxes are cumbersome to handle due to their lack of handles. In some of the heavier boxes, consider making neat holes on either side to provide makeshift handles that make it easier to haul the boxes.

  1.     Color-code your labels

Black and white labels are not the easiest pick out when you want to unpack at a moderately fast pace.

Colorful labels can be handy here. You can print out or handwrite them – probably even come up with a color-coding system for the boxes – so you can easily keep track of what item is in which box.

  1.     Pack a first-night box

This is an often forgotten small but important tip that could save you plenty of frustration. Rummaging through the boxes to fish out the coffee maker (or even worse pajamas for the night) is never fun.

Just like you stash all your essentials in a carry bag when traveling, packing all the essentials in a specially designated box will prove a stroke of genius when you get to the destination and begin to find immediate need for these items.

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