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How to Pick the Most Suitable Bridal Jewelry

Jewelry is undoubtedly the most extraordinary and integral part of a bridal look. Bridal jewelry adds glamour to the bride’s aura and is a significant part of her wedding trousseau. Every bride desires to wear jewelry that has a touch of uniqueness but also goes with her attire, her personality, and her overall look.

To choose the right bridal jewelry, it is necessary to plan and pay attention to a lot of details of the jewelry, the dress, as well as the bride’s personality. From gold heart pendant to elaborate chokers, it is very easy to get confused when shopping for jewelry. Here are a few tips on how to pick the most suitable bridal jewelry.

1. Understand your neckline: Understanding your neckline is very important when buying your bridal jewelry. Some women have a prominent and broad neckline, while others have a delicate and narrow neckline. A big necklace on a small neckline may stand out from the entire look and may make it look very clumsy. Alternatively, a smaller choker or gold letter pendants on a broad neckline may make the jewelry go unnoticeable. Hence, it is very important to understand your neckline before buying the right bridal necklace.

2. Understand the fabric: The bridal outfit and the bridal jewelry should complement each other. One should choose the bridal outfit first, and then go for bridal jewelry shopping. Since bridal outfits generally feature a heavy amount of intricate work, it is important to take care and inspect the design of the bridal jewelry from all corners for any sharp edges. This will make sure that there is no hassle while wearing the outfit such as the jewelry getting stuck in the dress or peeling off the fabric design.

3. Understand the color of the jewelry: Jewelry comes in various tones from yellow, to yellow-golden, to deep brownish tinge, and so on. These different colors are a result of different types of workmanships. It is a good idea to match the tone of your jewelry to the tone of your wedding saree or lehenga. This will ensure there is uniformity in the overall look.

4. Match the earrings to the hairstyle: Before buying a pair of earrings for your bridal look, you must give a thought to your hairstyle. Ceratin earring shapes and designs go well with certain hairstyles like a bun, others go well with plaits and braids, etc. It is also wise to take a demo of your bridal jewelry with your attire.

5. Match mang tikka to your forehead size: If you’re planning to wear a mang tikka, you should take into consideration the size of your forehead and choose a mang tikka accordingly. If you have a small forehead, a smaller and delicate mang tikka design will suit you better. On the other hand, if you have a larger forehead, a heavier and bigger mang tikka is the one for you.

6. Buy detachable heavy jewelry pieces: Bridal jewelry is usually so heavy in design and weight that it is rarely used after the wedding. Hence, it is a great option to opt for heavy jewelry pieces that can be detached later. This will allow you to wear the jewelry on various occasions and bring more use out of the jewelry. With the rising demand, there are a lot of designers doing a host of designs in detachable jewelry.

The above-mention tips and tricks will help you through the process of buying bridal jewelry. Make sure you do all the planning and get done with the final selections well in advance of the wedding as the bridal jewelry may take some time to be ready.

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