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How to Prepare for Product Manager Interview?

Are you preparing for an interview with a product manager? In the cutthroat world of the tech sector, getting your ideal Product Manager position can be difficult. But as Product Management Courses gain popularity, there’s a greater expectation than before.   

You must be ready to answer the variety of questions that will be asked during the product manager interview if you want to succeed. We’ll guide you through the tactics and methods in this blog to help you ace your product manager interview and gather all the information to know How To Become a Product Manager

Table of Contents  

  • Understanding the Product Manager Role  
  • Initial Preparation  
  • Behavioural Interviews  
  • Mastering Product Design Questions  
  • Technical Interviews Demystified  
  • Crucial Soft Skills  
  • Mock Interviews and Feedback  
  • Conclusion  

Understanding the Product Manager Role  

Product managers drive a product’s success, overseeing everything from concept to launch and optimisation. They bridge the gap between engineering, design, and business, making decisions that affect the path of the product and, eventually, the organisation’s success. To succeed in an interview, you must grasp the primary tasks and skills required for this position. Companies value Product Managers for their ability to prioritise, communicate effectively, and adapt to changing situations.  

Initial Preparation  

Investigating the Business  

Do a lot of research on the business before the interview. Recognise their competition, target market, recent advancements, and products. Your interviewers will be impressed by this information, and it will also enable you to better connect your comments with the objectives of the business.    

Examining your CV  

Be prepared for in-depth resume reviews from your interviewers. Prepare to go to great lengths about your experiences, particularly your previous roles and how they apply to Product Management. Highlight your accomplishments and how they exhibit your product expertise.   


Spend some time evaluating your own abilities and background. Determine your strong points and places for development. This will assist you to prepare for the interview and help you concentrate on your areas of weakness.  

Behavioural Interviews  

Product Manager interviews frequently include behavioural interviews. Interviewers ask these questions to learn how you handled previous situations because they believe past behaviour predicts future behaviour. To perform well in these interviews:   

  • Common Behavioural Questions: Prepare answers to questions such as “Tell me about a time when you had to prioritise competing tasks” or “Describe a situation where you had to work with a difficult team member.”   
  • Creating Engaging STAR Stories: Structure your responses using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) framework. Begin with the situation, explain the task, detail your actions, and emphasise the positive outcomes.  

Mastering Product Design Questions  

Product design questions evaluate your critical thinking and user-friendly product design skills. For acing these tests:     

  • Expected Design questions in Interviews: Be prepared for inquiries such as “How would you improve a specific product?” or “Design a feature for a product of your choice.”    
  • Frameworks and Approaches: Learn about the Double Diamond method and other design thinking frameworks for problem-solving. Engage the interviewer in your design process as you walk them through your thought process.  

Technical Interviews Demystified  

While not all Product Manager roles require deep technical knowledge, you should be prepared for technical questions related to your domain. Here’s how to handle them:  

  • Technical Skills for Product Managers: Brush up on relevant technical knowledge, whether it’s coding basics, data analysis, or understanding APIs.  
  • Handling Technical Questions: If you encounter a technical question, don’t panic. Focus on your thought process, even if you don’t know the exact answer. Interviewers appreciate problem-solving abilities.   

Crucial Soft Skills  

Product Managers require various skills, including technical expertise and interpersonal and communication abilities. Skills such as communication, leadership, and the management of stakeholders are included here. Create narratives that demonstrate your mastery of these skills and competencies.  

Mock Interviews and Feedback  

Practice, practice and then some more practice. Carry out dummy interviews with fellow students, and mentors or via online platforms. Ask for feedback and focus on strengthening your areas of weakness. The more you train, the more self-assured you’ll feel in your abilities.  


It takes a lot of work to prepare for a product manager interview, but you can shine with the correct tactics and commitment. Though the road ahead may seem difficult, remember that every action you take to improve your abilities and knowledge will advance you towards your objective. With the knowledge you’ve gained from your Product Management classes, you can easily answer questions about the position during your interview. 

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