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How To Prevent Virus  Attacks in Laptop

Do you face virus problem in your laptop? Then this article is for you. Protecting laptop from virus attack is always a difficult task for every owner. Today laptops have become an essential device for every individual, be it a student, working professional or even the senior persons in the household.  Without a laptop, it is highly difficult for people to carry out their daily tasks. The modern laptop comes with advanced features like high speed, high resolutions, and other additional features. But yes, there are also problems such as viruses, bugs, and other security threats. These attacks would result in data corruption, data deletion, data spamming and unauthorized data transfer etc.

These attacks can be prevented by following some methods in your laptop. Some ways are given below


An antivirus program always helps in the prevention of virus attacks to your computer. You can prevent virus attacks by scheduling full system scans periodically. You can also opt for scanning all the drives in the laptop. There are many free antivirus software like Avast, AVG, BitDefender which come with basic features and prevent simple virus infections. There are many paid programs which come with 360-degree protection like internet protection, firewalls, and anti-theft measures. Paid programs like NORTON, KASPERSKY, and more antivirus software are available in the market that can prevent your PC from IDP Generic Virus. You can choose the best antivirus software according to your requirement and budget. It is best to keep only one antivirus software installed on your laptop. The reason, because installing multiple software can create conflicts against each other. Make sure you are updating software every week, so that new viruses can also be blocked if they try to enter the system. This method is followed by every laptop owner to prevent virus attacks in laptops. Paid programs like NORTON, KASPERSKY, and more antivirus software are available in the market


External devices like pen drives, CD/DVD, external hard disk, memory cards, etc are the main sources through which the virus gets into the system. You should never allow unknown devices to connect to your system. If it is necessary, then first run an antivirus scan to the device as soon as the device is connected to the laptop. Then all the viruses get eliminated. By this process, devices become free from virus attacks. Disable the auto-play of the USB devices so that you can run a scan and use the device.


Firewall is the ports for networks through which you can send and receive data. Firewall software protects your network ports. Windows generally come with firewall software installed. So, you can just enable the firewall and protect your device. There are varieties of software available which comes with customization and powerful firewall tools. By installing them in the laptop, you can protect your computer in the best possible manner.


Now, emails have become the most common method by which the virus is attacked. Spam is basically the unwanted email which usually comes with asking passwords, PIN and account details. Never share any details on the website described in the spam mail. Simply delete the spam emails so that you can prevent your laptop from unknown threats and virus attacks. This method is considered as one of the best on how to prevent virus attacks in your laptop.


Pop up is the most irritating adware which can disturb every laptop or computer owner. When you are using a particular website, pop up might appear. If you click the pop-up, this may lead to the unknown websites. More browsing can lead to a virus getting installed in your laptop. So opt for a Pop-up blocker.


Installing the anti-spyware software will help you in the storage of data to the hard drive without getting the document shared on the internet or getting hacked by computer geeks. Spywares can also infect the laptop and hijack your browsing experience. This software will help you to prevent further damage caused by the spyware. Popular programs such as Malware Bytes, Spybot S&D, HitmanPro, and ADW Cleaner can help you in spyware prevention.


Many viruses and malware try to exploit the vulnerabilities in the Windows software and infect the system. Generally, these loopholes in the software will get closed by the updates provided by Microsoft. If you keep the system updated, the viruses can never get into your laptop. Especially if it is Windows 10. The Windows Defender acts as the best sort of prevention against virus attacks. If you are using Windows XP, try to get updated to Windows 10.


In recent times, the internet has brought the entire world together as a human race. That applies even to the offices and businesses around the world. So, you can even work from a remote place on your company project, if provided the internet and other facilities. But yes, you need to ensure the security and safety of the connection.


It is always wise to have a backup of your data, in the cloud storage. Now, let us imagine a situation. You stay in Pune and work in a company as an Accounts Assistant. You have taken leave for a family event promising to work two hours from home on the company requirements. The company obliged, and you find that the laptop has got a virus attack. The time is less, and you have to fix it as soon as possible. So, what is the best method? In urban Indian cities such as Pune, you can find many companies which offer doorstep services for electronic appliances (including computer and laptop). You can download the app of any of the best companies and book for a laptop repair engineer in Pune. Scan via every profile of laptop repair experts and book the convenient time for repair at your desired location. The expert will come to your home and fix the problem.

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