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How To Rank In Google’s Featured Snippet

What is a Google featured snippet?

The “functional snippet box” is a relatively recent Google-based feature that lets the searchable find answers more easily without any website users. Or at least to get a sense of a potential response then you should visit the website. For starters, open Google to search “Come to SEO Expert” and a series of instructions and an image will be shown. Get in touch with an SEO company in Idaho Falls to know details about the same.

Types of featured snippets

Different types of featured snippets are:

  • Paragraph snippets
  • List snippets
  • Table snippets

Strive to rank first on SERP

  • Log in and find “Search Report” under Performance in your Google Search Console. Login.
  • Enable a 90-day view from the top of the menu and validate the ‘clicks,’ ‘CTR’ and ‘Position.’
  • Sort by position and click and review CTR. Sort by position.
  • Search words for featured excerpts are those with a Google place 1-5 and a high CTR.
  • Open a new browser window, go to Google for questions and see if the website features a snippet.

Aim for question-type search queries

Go for making your content interactive. It should not be the first paragraph but it should be sufficiently high on the list. An SEO company can offer you the benefits of understanding the concept and ranking higher. 

Don’t forget, Google still believes that the key portions of a website are located at the top of the content.

It seems as though Google’s pursuing this trend i.e. ‘picking’ a text paragraph that gives a clear response to a query or description, I’ve even researched samples of featured snippets from other websites.

Leverage content that you already have and rank with help from an SEO company in Idaho Falls


You have to place first on the SERPS but not always at the top spot in order to be able to appear in a featured fraction. This also ensures that you must have a solid backlink profile in the order to get high rankings, but this must not be the highest relative to the majority of pages (or fields) in the first five rankings. You can see if you try various requests that Google will show a featured fragment on a page at position 3 or 4 and not necessarily on the page at position 1. Get in touch with an SEO company in Idaho Falls to get help in your ranks. 

Write using the inverted pyramid style

It is necessary to have a simple page layout. For understanding the writing style you must contact an SEO company in Idaho Falls.

Best SEO practices on the website, for instance, using one H1 tag for the page title and then H2 and H3 for the subheadings, and <p> is essential for the content.

Before extracting text for the featured fragments, Google should understand a page correctly, thus makes the job of the crawler simpler, which helps.

Create content with featured snippets in mind with help from an SEO company in Idaho Falls

In all the checked cases Google presents an icon near the text, but as you can see below, the image is a separate domain for the query “content marketing.”

Perhaps the picture was initially on the content marketer’s website, or Google reveals the picture to the featured snippet since it actually ranks on 1 when searching Google photos for ‘content marketing.’


In certain cases, featured snippets are used particularly where a question or a series of steps have to be taken for a clear answer. Follow the steps and enjoy ranking at high points. 

Vaishali Sonik
Vaishali Sonik
Vaishali Sonik writes SEO articles and website content for businesses that focus on getting their content to rank on top of the Google search ranking surge. Her articles have appeared on many websites such as,,,,,, and many more websites. Thanks to her experience, now even a challenged writer with a business can get their content to rank on the top. All her articles have a perfect balance between being informative and SEO - but never at the expense of providing an entertaining and engaging read. Learn more about Vaishali Sonik at
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