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How to Use Online Dating Apps Safely

Dating apps are becoming more and more popular by the day. In the USA alone, over 40 million people are known to patronize dating websites, as reported by eHarmony. 

According to the statistics, about 40% of American citizens have used dating apps to meet new people. Researchers have concluded that the upsurge in the number of young adults who use dating sites is due to the fact that dating apps have been made available on smartphones.

 As many strange people may take to the internet to search for love, dating app users need to be extra careful to make sure they can enjoy their dating experiences with their online partners safely. 

Here are some tips on using online dating apps safely.

Use the Best Dating App

Believe it or not, many dating apps are now available to download. But not all of them can offer you the best user experience. If you want to have a good experience with dating apps, you must do your research well, and settle on one that offers you more functionality. 

Don’t install an app without doing a great reading of the reviews left by other users. More often than not, if a particular dating app is receiving a lot of negative reviews and low ratings, it could mean that the dating app is not close to being the best. 

So far, the internet hosts more than 7500 different dating apps. Choose an amazing dating app like HappyMatches or the more popular Tinder app, and you will benefit from the safety tips and features that come with these apps.

Make a Video Call with Your Online Partner Before You Agree to Meet Them

With so many random strangers coming into your direct message inbox, you will want to be sure of who you are in contact with, and what the person looks like before you meet them face-to-face. 

Use video call tools like Google Hangouts or maybe Skype to connect with your partner at first. This will ensure that you have a fair idea of who your date is. The reason you want to do this is that the internet is not the right place to trust strangers. 

Some dating app users are known to lie about their real identities, but if you have a video call with the person, you will be better able to ascertain their gender, and perhaps their location.

Make a Phone call with Your Date

While you can’t wait to meet your online potential soulmate in person, it’s also a good idea to try to talk to them in a traditional way over the phone first. When you make an audio call with a potential date, you will pick up on verbal cues the person may be trying to hide from you through text messages.

Always Meet Your Online Partner in Public Places

If you are preparing for your very first one-on-one meet-up, it’s especially important to do that in a public place. Resist the temptation to meet them in their private residence because that will compromise your safety. 

Beaches, restaurants, and parties are all cool public places that you can meet your online partner for the first time. For extra security, you should have a couple of friends be around to witness your first meeting. Should something go out of hand, a public place will make it easier for people to rescue you.


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