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How Your Law Firm Can Continue Marketing During a Crisis

During a crisis, most marketing strategies do not effectively reach your target client. This is because most people are overwhelmed with the current attention and pay minimal attention to advertisements. A perfect scenario recently presented itself with the recently discovered coronavirus that has been wreaking havoc globally.

Most law firms faced challenges with their current marketing strategies, while others used this opportunity to play on the strengths of their marketing strategies. The pandemic brought on uncertain times with several businesses having to cut down on their expenditure to be able to bounce back when the economy resumes normality.

However, to remain relevant and stay ahead of your competition, you may need to see the silver lining in this situation to better position your firm. Use this chance to try out new strategies while taking advantage of the crisis both ethically and in a way that won’t cause a huge dent in your firm’s finances.

Reason for continued Marketing

  • A crisis comes with an uncertainty package making most businesses question their financial strength in handling the situation. With this in mind, you are probably left wondering if you’re doing the right thing adopting or advancing your marketing strategy. No need to keep yourself awake over this because you are definitely doing the right thing, and here is why;
  • A crisis does not interfere with a client’s litigation needs- A crisis may be spreading throughout the world, but that does not mean your legal service needs are put on hold. Cases like violence, assaults, destruction of property, bankruptcy, divorce, etc., may witness a spike hence requiring your services round the clock. Design your marketing strategy around assuring your potential clients of a long-standing presence even in the face of a rising pandemic.
  • Show support to the community- Continued marketing will show your community that you’re around for the long haul. Actively advocate the services and actions that your firm is offering the community as a way to stand with them during this trying time.
  • Positioning yourself for the future- The pandemic may drag, but it will definitely come to an end. Continuing to market your law firm is key in getting you prepared for the market after normalcy resumes. A crisis should not be a reason for you to shelf your marketing ideas because your firm may witness some tough times during the early recovery stages of the economy.

With reasons for continuing to market locked down, you may want to review some of the practices you may want to engage in to effectively market four firms during a crisis.

Appropriate Marketing Strategy During a Crisis

During a crisis, you have no choice but to be sensitive to the information on your marketing strategy. Your entire strategy should be the focus on the most appropriate way to disseminate your message to the public.

Have room for change- During normal days, your marketing message can be centered on the normal aspects of your potential client’s life. However, with a crisis, you need to be flexible enough to switch your message to address the current situation. Thomas Feiter, an Orlando injunction attorney, says he embraced change. “It’s tough to be flexible, but this crisis has really forced us to look at things differently.”

Position yourself as a leader- During a crisis, most people tend to look up to leaders for direction. Strategically positioning yourself helps people to look to you to bring them closer, providing messages of hope and endurance to overcome the current situation. Your marketing strategy should be around educating the people on the legal framework that influences their personal lives and those of their loved ones both economically and socially.

Create a proactive message- People are receiving bad news from every available media outlet. Your message should offer a sigh of relief to your target audience. Design your message content around the community projects your firm may be a part of, highlight the works being done by front-liners in the community, and recognize the tireless efforts of every individual seeking to make a difference in the trying times.

Do not completely overlook the current situation, carefully crafting your message around specific things that preach peace, hope, and stability.

Explore the use of technology- This is the best time to try out new digital platforms to reach out and connect with both current and potential clients. With the prevailing conditions, people research on websites where they can get answers. Add an interactive chat section on your website that allows people to connect and share information. You may also add short videos of your communication message on your firm’s biography.

Offer a leaning shoulder to the community- With a rise in cases like assault and violence. You can offer to litigate these cases for free or at reduced rates. Connect families that need help with organizations that can help them cope with their situation effectively.

Using the human nature of your firm to appeal to the people is a clear way to set your business for success during and after the crisis. Do not let yourself lose an opportunity because you fear the uncertainty of a crisis.


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