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Importance of Technology in the Workplace


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic”- Arthur C Clarke

The rapid shift in technology is forcing the commercial office interior designers to adapt to the growing needs of the offices. Also, the radical change in the conventional workplaces clubbed with these changes is emerging into a completely new picture where the designers need to keep up with the pace. Reassessment of the incessant modifications calls for the need to design a flexible work environment where accommodation of new changes would be a breeze.

Casual settings now replace the traditional workspace idea, where smart desks and technology integrated furniture are the norms. Incorporating technology-related aspects with a flexible agenda helps in upgrading quickly when it becomes obsolete. The casual environment with couches and cafeterias or the innovatively designed work stations need a power supply with sufficient ports to charge their devices and to supplement their systems.


Top 5 Technology-Based Changes To Remember For Designing Your Workspace

Although the professionals will do the designing part, the simple yet useful points that you must emphasize while getting your place designed are as below.

1 – Workplaces are offering flexibility by replacing desktops with mobility enabled devices like laptops. Power points wherever the seating arrangement is present, are ideal.

2 – Connecting through video conferencing while few of the staff members are working remotely is an everyday thing. If people in the office can collaborate from a single room like a meeting, it will be more productive.

3 – Wi-Fi should be reachable to all the places in the office. You should take care to incorporate this change well into interior design as you start to avoid re-do of the work.

4 – Switching off the lights, fans, and AC’s when not in use and using sensor technology to do this will save a lot of power.

5 – Checking the online designs or asking for suggestions on the online community will provide you with plenty of advice, that you can further enhance with your designer. That way, you can convey your idea.


How Is Technology In The Workplace Changing The Scenario For Office Interior Design?

Below given are the few changes that will be the future of interior designing at workplaces where technology is taking its reins.

Smart Integration

Smart buildings are in trend today, but what about the already built offices? You can still integrate smart technology using little hacks and manipulate the lighting. Also, a few other things like blinds are controllable automatically.

The office Interior designers in Bangalore are already incorporating this kind of technology, and their clients appreciate this gesture. The comfort and control it provides are top-notch, and your employees will look up to you to be the choicest employer of this digital era.

digital era

Renewable Energy

Harnessing renewable energy by making little changes in the way we use the resources can bring about a drastic change. Firstly, you need to allow the natural lighting in and devising ways to do so will cut a lot of your energy bills and also improve the health and mood of the energy gainer.

The office interior design must incorporate the change early into its design for it to gain maximum benefit.

interior design

Collaborate And Create

Collaborating with online interior designers’ community and creating visual designs even before you enforce them will allow you to visualize and modify or correct in initial stages. Enforcing the creative technology in the workplace also provides an opportunity for other team members to understand your idea thoroughly and support or suggest changes to your design. The 3-dimensional visuals will help you to communicate your requirement better with your interior designer.

Designing Your Furniture

Digital 3-D printing can take your custom prototype and create precisely what you want the way you want. You can print the required designer elements to adorn your office, furniture to suit your needs, or anything that may not be available in the market, but you need it. Virtually you are only limited by your imagination in this aspect. By implementing this technology in the workspace, you will never complain, but just print it out.


Sustainable Development

Improving the efficiency of the appliances and using less energy is one of the possible sustainable development practices that can be implemented in existing workplaces. Sustainable Living in this digital age can be linked mostly to the power utilized by the devices.

Saving the power by impacting its use with the help of third-party devices or software or completely replacing the devices to profit in the long run. For instance, desktops replaced by laptops or regular lights replaced with smart lights with sensors.


Smart Desks And Furniture

The smart desks and furniture with sliding panels and flexible arrangement are the need of the hour that adapt to space quickly and have more productivity. Incorporating this technology in the workspace proves to be beneficial as the available space can be converted variously.

For instance, the wheelable chairs below also have a removable laptop holder. They are used for a meeting or a group discussion, and the chairs are wheeled back to the storage area effortlessly, leaving you with a place for something new.

smart desk


The digital revolution influences almost all industries. Day by day, each of them is sucked into the funnel of technology and emerging as novel hybrid jobs. The interior designing practice is no exception for that, and eventually, workplace necessities are forcing it to run its course maneuvered by the technology front. New advancements in the interior design field are appreciable, and the commercial office interior designers are thankfully keeping up in pace with technology.

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