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Important Tips to Consider Before Checking Out Of Hotels in Kemang

Checking out is one important task. When carrying out this process, you need to decide sufficient time. This is important so you can cross-check the hotel room before checking out. If you have a flight to catch, then ensure you decide to check out a few hours in advance.

  • Even if you feel you have packed everything, it is never bad to cross-check the hotel rooms.
  • If you have used the wardrobe, then be sure you check it once before leaving the room.
  • Always ensure all your payments are well settled in advance.

Last-minute settlements can always delay your checkout procedure. There are chances that you leave something behind in the closet or bathroom. So, be patient when checking out and always check your mobile charger.

There are few mistakes that one should never commit during check out time. Committing these mistakes can increase your stress levels.

 Always double-check the hotel bill

Even if you are staying in luxury hotels in Kemang still final hotel bills have to be cross-checked for errors and discounts. Not all hotels might be notorious, but there is nothing wrong with cross-checking the bills. Ensure you have made complete payment before time.

When checking with bills you have to ensure that you have calculated the taxes applicable. Taxation rules might vary from one country to another. In case of disputes, try and settle in a very calm way.

 Don’t leave anything behind

Many guests often end up leaving their mobile charger in the socket. Some of them might also forget their handbag inside the wardrobe. Before you check out always make it a habit to cross-check the entire room.

Go through the wardrobes and sockets. It is also important to check with the bathroom table and sink area. You need to keep in mind that the moment you check out, the hotel staff will immediately clean up the room.

 Always leave a tip in the box

Star rated hotels and staff are known for their elegant services. If you are satisfied with the service then you need to appreciate it. Leaving the tip in the box is one best way to show your gratitude towards the hotel staff.

This is beneficial if you are a regular guest at the same hotel. You don’t have to leave a big amount of money, but anything will always be appreciated by the hotel staff.

 Always give sufficient time

The entire process of check out might only take a few minutes. But to stay on the safer side it is better to allow sufficient time. This simple task will kill your entire stress. You may not have to miss your flight for this.

You can try and checkout little bit early. Count your luggage and check with all your documents before leaving 

Avoid hotel cab services

In general hotel cab services are more expensive you can try and book these services on your own, via your mobile app. In case you are new, then you can always request for hotel cab service.

If you are planning to travel to an airport via shuttle service then don’t forget to make a reservation in advance.

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