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Is It worth Buying a Proxy: What It Is, How They Work, What They Are Used For, Types and Advantages

Almost all Internet users have heard of proxy servers. If you wish, then on the website you can purchase high-quality proxies at an affordable price. The catalog contains proxies from different countries. Anyone can find suitable proxies in the catalog. However, some people do not fully understand what a proxy is and why they are needed. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand this issue in more detail.

What is it?

Almost all computer users know how to use the Internet. When connecting to a site, complete information about the device is transmitted: IP address and much more. Proxies are an intermediary between the user and the site. They help to hide the true information about the user. Sometimes this is really necessary. Sometimes in a certain area some resources are blocked. Proxies help bypass this blocking.

Proxies are multifunctional. The main purposes of the proxy are as follows:

  • Ensuring confidentiality. User information is not transferred to the site;
  • Increasing the level of security;
  • The ability to access content that is available in a specific location;
  • Gaining access to blocked pages.

Proxies are responsible for spoofing the IP address. That is why users can hide behind fake addresses.

Types of proxy servers

Proxies are different. Each type has its own characteristics and advantages. Proxies are divided into the following types:

  • Transparent. These proxy servers do not hide information from sites. When connected, they honestly report that they are proxies. The system also transmits the IP address. Most often, such proxies are used in public and educational institutions.
  • Anonymous. The most popular type of proxy. When connecting to the site, it is also reported that proxies are being used. However, information about the owner is not transmitted. The connection is confidential, but it is not known how the site will behave
  • Distorting. Identification occurs in the same way as in other types. The site says that the connection is through a proxy. However, in this case, bogus data is used.
  • Private. These proxies are used by people who are very concerned about their security. A special feature is that proxies regularly change their address and they cannot be tracked.

There are many types of proxies. Anyone can choose the option that suits them.

Differences between proxy and VPN

Many people know that a VPN is also capable of hiding the user’s true address. In this case, users are interested in how proxies and VPNs differ. If a higher degree of anonymity is required and a person is willing to pay more, then a VPN can be used. However, it requires special software. If you need to surf the Internet and visit blocked pages, then you should give preference to a proxy.


Proxies have a lot of positive aspects. The main ones are:

  • Hiding the IP address;
  • Filtering requests;
  • Increased security;
  • Good performance and efficiency;
  • Anonymity while using the Internet.

These are not all the positive aspects that proxies have.

Thus, proxies are widely used today. Proxies of various countries can be purchased on the site. Thanks to this, the user will be able to hide his true data. If you have any questions, there is an opportunity to contact the specialists. They will tell you in detail about the peculiarities of using proxy servers.

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