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Jewelry Trends: Black Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is a symbol of a beautiful promise and relationship between two people. When we talk about wedding rings we think about gold or platinum bases paired with glimmering white diamonds. Some couples also opt for bright colored diamonds for a change but today we are going to talk about something different. The color black is suitable and elegant for any event in any season of the year, so and the unique idea to infuse the color in wedding rings is nothing short of classy and breathtakingly elegant. Black wedding rings are trending all over the world and we think they look absolutely classy and unique. Here is an elaborate guide on all what you need to know about black wedding rings.

#1 It Symbolizes Eternal and Strong Commitment:

Even though getting a black ring for your wedding is completely about your personal preference but according to the renowned jewelry website, Find U Rings, a black ring symbolizes eternal commitment and power. The color black symbolizes strength and an unbreakable bond. If you want to portray your powerful bond and love through your ring then a black wedding ring is the ideal option for you.

#2 You Can Easily Get Your Hands On A Black Wedding Ring:

Black rings are made up of contemporary materials like tungsten, titanium, or carbon fiber which is easily available and is quite easy on the pocket. These are not only classy but also very affordable for all the couples out there. As black rings are trending, these are available at most jewelry boutiques easily. Some black materials can be a bit rare but there are always other options available in the market.

#3 Black Diamonds Are Also Quite Trendy:

If you don’t want to opt for a black wedding band then you can also go for a black diamond which is the top choice among modern brides these days. A black diamond is classy and symbolizes confidence and power which is perfect for a contemporary bride. You can also get a black diamond in a relatively or price than a white diamond which is a win-win situation. Diamond rings are the traditional symbol of couples engaged to be married. As one of the hardest and most brilliant gemstones on earth, diamonds are associated with purity, innocence and everlasting love. Black diamond engagement rings are marketed as a sophisticated alternative that reflects the depths of a couples feelings and the unknown and unlimited possibilities of their lives together.

#4 Pair Your Black Metal With A Black Pearl:

If you want your wedding ring to be rare and exceptionally unique then pair your black wedding band and a black pearl, which is one of rarest products of nature. These precious pearls have a beautiful glow which makes them eye-catching and luxurious. Express your undying love to your partner in a beautifully unique way with this rare black pearl ring on your wedding.

#5 Keep the Rest Of Your Look Minimal:

As black rings are quite bold and noticeable, keep the rest of your look minimalistic to not take away the attention from your ethereal wedding ring. Too much makeup or heavy jewelry paired with your black wedding ring would look unappealing and overwhelming. Go for a minimalistic outfit and a simple makeup look to let your ring stand out.

#6 They Also Make an Amazing Wedding Anniversary Gift:

Do not worry if you are already married but want to jump on the black wedding ring bandwagon. You can also gift your partner a beautiful black ring on your wedding anniversary. It will be a unique gift that they will always thank you for, we bet!

#7 These Rings Are A Bit Difficult To Get Resized:

Black rings are not made up of conventional metals. They are usually made up of materials like carbon fiber, tungsten, black steel, zirconium, or black gems and stones, which makes it really difficult to resize the ring. Most of these rings would need to be broken down completely and formed into a new ring to fit your new size. This fact is usually a deal breaker for a lot of couples as most people prefer minor resizing then completely remaking their wedding ring. So, not only would you have to pay for a new ring, you would also have to settle for a ring that wasn’t the one you originally got married in. The symbolic nature of your original wedding ring would be lost with the newer ring.Some people don’t care too much about this, but we always make sure people consider this before going forward with a black wedding band.

#8 Do Your Research Before Buying a Black Ring:

Even though black rings are undeniably classy, you do need to know everything about these rings before you go and invest into them. These rings are not made up of the conventional precious metals, therefore, they have a chance of going out of trend really fast. If you want to keep your ring as an heirloom piece, then this might not be a good option to go for. When you will pass it on to the next generation, this material might not be of any value. Just like all the other jewelry items, wedding rings also have different trends for each year. This year it is all about black wedding rings for both the bride and the groom. Get your partner a beautiful black wedding ring which will be an absolutely beautiful statement on its own.

Another result of the black wedding band becoming the current trend is that there are more choices than ever before. As people’s needs increase, more stores will have more black wedding rings to choose from. In addition, more brands choose to use tungsten or carbon fiber in some of their bands to meet this demand. If you are interested in black wedding rings, this is good news. Years ago, there used to be a black wedding ring that really only had a solid choice. Now, there are more styles and designs that blend into black in a more unique way. Take a look at some of the best black wedding rings, and men can see some varieties.

This article is written and submitted on behalf of Find U Rings, a jewel producer specializing in crafting unique wedding rings.


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