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Leather Jacket: 10 Tips for Using Time

Just as the plaid shirt is not only a June party dress, the leather jacket is not just for bikers. There are a number of style combinations that can include leather and enhance your day-to-day look. For those who like the piece and do not necessarily need to ride a motorcycle for this, we have prepared a small manual for wearing the jacket. Learn how to add the item to your combinations.


Simple and funky, wearing a T-shirt with the leather jacket is one of the best combinations to make with the piece. The shirts, preferably white or black, can be stamped. The jacket increases the basics of the shirt.


Another piece that marries well with the jacket is the plaid shirt. It leaves the look very cool and urban. Just do not overdo the color of the shirt and avoid using those with too light tones. Bet on the most classic chess and add a touch of seriousness to your style with leather.


Unless you sing in a punk band, that’s Kiss’s Gene Simmons, do not wear leather jackets with spikes and pointed things like that. This style is for a very specific audience and is not at all cool with the parts and combinations we propose.


Impressive how the jeans can marry all the visuals. A T-shirt, leather jacket and sneakers / boots practically asks for the use of jeans. It is the best kind of pants to use the leather and accepts all the other pieces that you will choose to assemble the combination.


Some people think it’s cool to wear the loose leather jacket with nothing underneath. Do not do this, no matter how you justify the jacket button up. Always wear something with it, even if it is the most basic of the shirts.


The leather jacket does not have many restrictions on footwear. Just do not wear sports shoes (running, soccer and others). Boots look cool, more urban sneakers too, as well as shoes in case you wear other pieces of social character.


Can you wear a leather jacket with a shirt and tie? Yes you can. Although it is not very common to see this combination in our day to day, it is a possibility to go to work. It looks good with boot and shoe mostly. Just avoid wearing social pants, because so the leather jacket loses its meaning in the visual – it gets all social.


There are jackets of different colors, but you do not have to overdo it when you buy one. Better to have a more basic house with everything than a yellow one that will limit your style possibilities. In black and brown jackets you run little risk of making a mistake, bet on them.


Did you think the jacket with a T-shirt and jeans was too basic? Enhance the look with a nice scarf or necklace. The leather jacket allows the use of accessories, including hats and caps. On lighter days, an aviator style glasses look really cool with it.


Overlays can be very cool with the jacket, such as wearing a sweatshirt underneath. With a shirt and tie, a sweater or cardigan over these two pieces and under the jacket is also an option.


 Barnard M. Miller is a professional fashion blogger. He loves to contribute content into different blogs to increase his writing portfolio and currently, he is working with a Custom leather jackets retailer that name is TheLeatherMakers

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