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Maintaining & Polishing Your Marble Floor | The do’s and don’ts

Properly cleaned and polished marble floors look gorgeous. Despite marble’s durability, it is prone to damage. Formed from high alkali minerals, marble is very susceptible to acid. Even the spilling of cranberry sauce on an unprotected marble surface can corrode it.

The surface corrosion on a marble eats away the smoothness of the surface, forming an etch. However, etchings in your marble can be get rid of using a stone cleaning powder, or you can call a professional to refinish your marble floor if the damage is severe.

The finest way to retain the pristine look of your marble floor is damage prevention. Here we are presenting a comprehensive guide on how to clean and treat all your marble surfaces, for a glossy and smooth look for the years to come. Learn what can and can’t harm your marble floor, and it keeps looking beautiful.

Marble Flooring Maintenance Guide For You

It is very important to take proper care of the marble floor. It requires regular mopping and cleaning to keep it in its best condition. This minimizes the build-up of the dirt on the floor and keeps the marble floor free from scratches. 

Cleaning equipment for maintaining marble flooring

To keep the marble floors clean and scratch-free, the use of the right equipment for cleaning is vital.

You should avoid sharp and rough things to prevent damage to the marble floor surface. Use soft dust mops and chamois cloths to protect marble, rather than abrasive brushes or sponges.

Use of lemon juice, vinegar, or any other acidic cleaners on marble is prohibited. To prevent the marble floor from etching, you should use clean water or alkali cleaning solutions such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. However, strong hydrogen peroxide and ammonia can bleach dark marble floors. So, it is better to always test any cleaner on the floor area first. After you have finished cleaning the marble floor, make sure to flush the area with plain water to neutralize any residual chemicals.

How to clean a marble floor

Before starting the cleaning of the marble floor, you need to prepare the surface first. Use a dry cloth or a soft dust mop to remove any dust or dirt present on the marble floor. Make sure not to drag the cloth or brush hard across the marble surface to prevent scratches on the floor. Pay proper attention to the corners where dust and dirt can accumulate and damage the marble. It is recommended to always brush in one direction only, to minimize the damaging impact on the marble floor.

Polishing for that mirror finish

The bright and sparkling appearance of the marble is the major reason for its popularity. It can be easily achieved by polishing the marble using marble polishing machines.

Marble polishing is usually recommended on the dull, scratched, and badly worn marble floor. The polishing process entails a wet polishing system, leaving a clean and smooth surface with no dust and maintaining the natural shine and color of the marble. However, the use of marble polishing machines for the polishing depends on the condition of the stone surface and the type of finish required.

The most simpler and cheaper method to polish the marble is wax polish. For wax polishing, the marble polishing machines go through 3 rounds of polish using carborundum stone and finally over and done with the wax application.

The more common approach for marble polishing is known as mirror polish. For this, the marble polishing machine goes with seven rounds of polish with carborundum and finally done with tin oxide buffing on top. The mirror polish gives better shine to the marble as compared to the wax polishing, hence is worth the time and money it demands.

Generally polishing the marble is done at the site using the marble polishing machines, during the construction. However, pre-polished marble slabs are also available in the market. 

Marble gets stains easily. These stains can be partly or fully removed by polishing or applying wet marble powder to the marble surface. 


It is very tricky to clean and maintain marble flooring. For polishing, it is recommended to use highly experienced technicians from marble polishing services to achieve the desired results. We hope our tips will help you to keep your marble floors clean and protected for years.


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