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Most Popular Gift Boxes You Should Use To Sell On Etsy

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, selling online was a great way to generate more sales. It is no wonder that Etsy is a popular market place especially for those selling one-of-a-kind items. On this site, curious customers keep browsing for unique gifts including for special occasions like Father’s Day.

The best moment shoppers look forward to is a wonderful unboxing experience. Smart business owners invest in attractive gift boxes to boost their brand profile and to win customer loyalty. Regardless of what you sell, here is a list of gift boxes to give your customers a dazzling unboxing experience.

Clear top boxes with cardboard

These PVC boxes allow packing items that remain fully visible after closing the box.  Filling the boxes with patterned or colored tissue paper gives them an elegant look. This allows getting decent looking packages with super clarity. Clear top PVC boxes are great for gift packaging and other retail products. The box flips open on top and come flat but a breeze to assemble before use. An interlock bottom allows supporting the weight of various items backed by golden or silver cardboard.

Pillow boxes

A classic way to package your items is in pillow boxes. These come in various patterns and sizes making them perfect to sell on Etsy. Pillow boxes can open from the side ends with width, length, and height measured from the biggest points. You can order these boxes in custom sizes to match your products while making them attractive.

A reputable clear box manufacturer  will have a range of pillow boxes in various options including those with a round hand hole. This makes easy displaying and hanging of the items. The boxes have a shiny look that enhances the attractiveness of the contents. A flap with a hanger hole makes it easy to flip or fold the box. Alternatively, a side hang tab makes handing for display easy while the slottednotch on the inside lips make opening the box a breeze.

Tuck top gift boxes

These boxes are a tried and tested packaging solution to sell products on Etsy. Tuck top boxes have a more elegant look compared to regular gift boxes. This makes them an ideal solution to showcase your products regardless of type and size. These boxes come in various designs including stripe, metallic, and custom printed. A good idea is to use tuck top and bottom boxes that flip open from the top and bottom.

Another form of tuck top boxes to use for gift packaging and other retail products is the auto-lock bottom. These decent-looking boxes have super clarity with a tuck top backed with an auto-lock bottom. This saves assembly time and capacity to support products of various weights. The boxes come flat with a quicker assembly time before use and flipping at the top. For heavier products, you can get premium 12 mil tuck top boxes.

Two-piece apparel boxes

For those selling custom or vintage clothing items, apparel boxes are ideal. These keep your products protected while inspiring customers to come back for more purchases. The two-piece boxes allow secure shipping to ensure that your products arrive safely, neat, and free from wrinkles to the customer.

Assembling the two-piece boxes is a breeze with a super clarity that gives your package a premium look. These boxes have an upper and lower section to make a set. Closing these boxes makes the upper part to cover the lower one. These boxes have interlocking corners that are easy to assemble. Two-piece apparel clear boxes are ideal for packaging shirts, packing clothes, pajamas, and other retail products.

Jewelry boxes

Etsy is a favorite stop for jewelry aficionados searching for unique pieces. Regardless of whether you’re selling rings, necklaces, or earrings, classy jewelry boxes keep contents safe. The best thing about these gift boxes is giving the recipient an exciting unboxing experience. Jewelry boxes are made from Kraft chipboard making them sturdy and durable. Additionally, the boxes are covered in different finishes including:

  • Natural kraft paper
  • Metallic embossed gold color foil
  • White swirl pattern paper
  • Metallic embossed silver color foil

The inside of the box has a soft cotton pad to enhance the protection of the contents. And, you can order customized jewelry boxes with your brand logo.

Other types of boxes you can use include:

  • Slide open boxes
  • Hat boxes
  • Cap top gift boxes
  • Blue weave folding boxes


Today, you are not doing business if it lacks an online presence. Part of doing successful business online on platforms like Etsy requires giving customers a great unboxing experience. Hope you have picked some options from the types of gift boxes highlighted above. A reputable gift box manufacturer should have the capacity to offer a range of options including customization. This ensures that you get the ideal gift boxes to match your business requirements.

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