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Moving Across the Country with Cats and Dogs: 5 Tips

Pets are just as stressed out by moving as you are – if not more! Moving across the country can be hectic, and all that hustle and bustle can take a toll on dogs and cats. However, careful planning and extra care can make the move easier for your pets and, by extension, for you! Here are some helpful tips: 

Plan Vet Visits in Advance

It’s best to for your dog or cat to have a routine check-up before moving, to take care of any pending vaccinations and ensure you won’t have to worry about running into complications during the move. But since it’s no secret that most dogs and cats hate vet visits, you should try to plan these at least a few weeks before the stress of the move itself begins – you mustn’t overwhelm your pets! 

Familiarize Your Pets with Their Carriers

If you’re traveling by plane, your pet will have to spend the flight in a carrier – some airlines do allow pets on board, but you’ll have to check in advance – and closed spaces can make dogs and cats anxious. Try to buy these carriers a few months ahead of time, so your pets can roam about them as they please. When traveling, you can make the carriers more homely by introducing comforting items like blankets and toys inside them! 

Opt for Driving if Possible 

That being said, if you can drive to your destination, your pets will enjoy the journey much more. This will likely take a few days, so you may have to set aside ample time. You can buy harnesses from most pet stores to act like seat belts for your dog or cat, and having you there with them will make the journey easier for them. Be sure to feed your pets hours in advance if they are prone to car sickness, and make lots of stops for their bathroom breaks during the trip! 

Consider Calming Products

If your pet seems a bit too uneasy about the prospect of traveling, you might consider buying some products designed to calm them down. For instance, cats respond well to calming sprays containing pheromones that signal their minds to calm down. Natural options like botanical drops have a similar effect – always use these materials on your cat’s carrier and not on the animal itself, though. For dogs, you can discuss calming medications with your vet. These medications are completely safe and help reduce anxiety and motion sickness in dogs.

Spend Extra Time with Your Cats and Dogs

All else aside, the most important thing you can give your pets is your excessive time and attention. As difficult as this might be when you have so much to deal with because of the move, your dogs and cats will feel much better just knowing that you are there with them and that you are all in this together. Pets are like children, and at the end of the day, they just need some pampering and reassurance!

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