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Our Guide For Planning Gifts And Surprise On Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

The young couples in the long-term relationship would be passionate to pamper each other.  Gone are the days when the girlfriends used to be on the receiving side when it comes to fabulous gifts.  Today, most of the gorgeous girls prefer plotting surprises, pranks and sending the most creatively designed birthday gifts and their loving boyfriends; especially on special occasions such as their birthdays.

Here are some fascinating birthday surprises the girlfriends can plan to make the boyfriends feel special and unique

 Treat him with his favorite delicacies

 If the girlfriend is good at cooking, she can plan the surprise serving the boy’s favorite dishes on the dining table on the birthday evening.  Perhaps, as most of the modern ladies don’t prefer spending time in the kitchen; they can also plan a dinner date at the favorite restaurant nearby.

This can be a tremendous birthday surprise that the boyfriend would remember for years to come.  A reserved table for the candle-light dinner along with the most soothing romantic tracks being played in the background would make this dinner date perfect up. The same scenario can be developed at home being a bit connective by the girlfriends.

 Personalised Chef Keychain

 This keychain ordered from can be one of the most creative gifts for boyfriend.  The girlfriends sending the gift can upload the photograph of the boyfriend that is printed on acrylic to make the keychain. The boyfriend receiving this gift would be inspired to learn culinary art as he will be portrayed as a pro chef in the photograph attached to the keyring.

Present something outstandingly romantic

 The girlfriends can collect some beautiful photographs from the memories of the trips, festive celebrations and so on.  These photographs can be uploaded to to design a personalized birthday gift.  The online gift shop utilizes these photographs printing on the beautiful desk calendar.  The girlfriend can select the initial month of this calendar according to the date of birth of the loving boyfriend.  Additionally, a personalised cover message can also be sent.

This can be a truly romantic surprise for the boyfriend, as the calendar would be delivered to his doorstep on the special day.  The desk calendar can be kept in the showcase or taken to the office and decorated on the working desk of the boyfriend too.

Special Moments Personalised Calendar compiles the beautiful photographs uploaded by the girlfriend to make this masterpiece. The selected photograph along with the love message would be printed on the cover page of the calendar.  This can be among the most romantic birthday gifts for boyfriend.

Arrange a surprise birthday party

 The girlfriend can organize a theme based birthday party for the lover boy gathering the family members and some other close friends. The venue can be the home, app or even any convenient place. The decorations and the props used by the invitees can be as per the personal interests of the type the boyfriend whose special day is being celebrated. The close friends can app wear cricket team uniforms if he is into cricket, or even the costumes of his favorite movie stars can be a great idea too.

Sweet Combo To Sweetheart

 This combo can be the most wonderful set of birthday gifts for the caring boyfriend.  This includes birthday cake in chocolate flavor decorated with red cherries; a magnificent flower bouquet made of soothing red roses; a tiny teddy bear with its cute expressions and some Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate bars.  The boyfriends would be delighted to be gifted with this combo that makes the surprise party much more enjoyable.

Arrange a surprise trip to his favorite destination

 Spending quality time in the close company of each other at the most appreciated travel destination that can be a sunny beach, a mesmerizing waterfall, an art gallery or anything that the boyfriends like to be at along with the most gorgeous girl in his life; could be the most terrific birthday surprise for him.

The girlfriends can secretly reserve their tickets or arrange for a rented car; or even drive along with the boyfriend to the most beautiful location if it is accessible. This can be the most memorable travel experience for the birthday boy, as he would be spending his birthday at the place he loves the most along with the beautiful lady.

Personalised Let’s Travel New Roads Mini Table Frame

 This small wooden table frame has a message on it that inspires the birthday boy to pack the bags and reach the favorite or a new holiday destination. The clip is provided at the top of the frame to attach a photograph snapped at the place, to remember the trip for years ahead. This frame can be retained in the table in the living room to let the boyfriend remember the birthday surprise for years ahead.

Yearly subscription of the favorite magazine

 The men always love to be gifted with something useful and meaningful according to their personal interests. Eventually, the girlfriend can subscribe a fashion magazine, a sports magazine or a magazine related to travel and lifestyle or even regarding the latest news and gossip in the film industry. This can be a wonderful birthday surprise that helps the boyfriend to spend some time on his favorite topic, and also makes him feel affectionate to the dearest girlfriend who subscribed for the magazine through the monthly reminder delivered to his doorstep.

The magazine and the stories published in these magazines would let the boyfriends remain in the world of fantasy. Similarly, this can be an effective stress buster from his busy work schedule providing him the opportunity to get relaxed.

Cosmopolitan Lovers Personalised Magazine Cover

 The replica of the cover page of the famous fashion magazine would be printed with the photograph of the real life couple as uploaded by the girlfriend placing order for this gift. The names of the partners along with the headline of the cover story would also be printed on this replicated front page. This can be the moment of pride for the beloved boyfriend to watch himself along with his dearest and nearest girlfriend on the cover page of the well-known magazine on the special occasion of his birthday.

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