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Plantation Shutter Care and Maintenance Tips

As the capital of New South Wales Territory in Australia, Sydney is home to many beautiful architectural gems. The iconic snail-shaped Sydney Opera House is the penultimate testament of design elegance in the Land Down Under. Australians love visually appealing elements as seen in the Queen Victoria Building, Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower, and more. 


If you are a property owner in this town, it is not surprising why you prioritise your home aesthetics. One way to improve aesthetic appeal is by covering your windows using plantation shutters in Sydney. These window shutters also play an essential role in your home by offering protection against the harsh sun rays. They also add insulation during the cold months. Most of all, these shutters provide you privacy.


Since you invested money in your beautiful shutters, you cannot let them deteriorate with accumulated grime and dust. To help preserve their beauty, as well as maintain the integrity of the materials, your plantation shutters need cleaning and maintenance which promotes hygiene and extends the durability of your shutters. Routine shutter care is easy with the aid of the following tips below: 


Conduct Regular Dusting


No matter how hard you vacuum, dust mites will never go away permanently. In order to properly care for your plantation shutters in Sydney, you need to dust once or twice a week. Take extra care in targeting the spot in between slats. Use a soft cloth or an old sock on your hands for easy cleaning of the top and bottom slats. The soft material will ascertain there are no surface scratches. Your vacuum cleaner’s small attachments can also work well. 


Use a Damp Material


The keyword here is damp and not super soaking wet. All the dust and grime will stick to the damp cloth instead of flying everywhere. Cleaning with this material will prevent yucky buildup. You may need to do this more if you live in a high traffic area. Take extra care along the hinges and the corners of the shutters. 


If you want to achieve the extra mile, you can use an old toothbrush for the hard to reach, tight areas. Doing this diligently every week means you protect your shutters. It also saves you from doing frequent deep-cleaning. 


Be Mindful of Deep Cleaning Materials


Dusting with a soft cloth will work well for all shutter materials. However, if you are going for a deep-clean, do keep in mind that vinyl, wood, metal, and faux wood have different requirements. Wood can warp and discolour when you make it wet. A wood grain polish will work better. Vinyl and faux wood are not super sensitive, so deep-cleaning with mild-detergent and water is permissible. As for metals, some of them can corrode. So for best results, check this with your manufacturer. 


Pay Attention to Exterior Shutters 


It is easy to neglect the exterior area of your shutters. Those who live in a high traffic area must pay attention to this as they get grimy faster. At a minimum of once, a month cleaning for the outer part of your shutter is crucial for proper maintenance. When you do this, include oiling the hinges so they won’t become stiff. This lubricant will also take out squeaks and ensure your shutters swing elegantly. 


Restrain and Be Mindful of Force


Although your shutters are very sturdy, remember not to use too much force. Be gentle, so you don’t scrape or deform your shutters. Even strokes are necessary to ensure there is no damage inflicted. When you use the right tension, your cleaning job will be a lot easier. Remember, dust and stains do not require excessive force, to begin with. 


Final Word


When you regularly clean your room’s plantation shutters in Sydney, they will stay in tip-top shape for a longer time. Apart from looking more fresh and fab, your shutters will work better with routine care

Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill
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