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Play & Win Exciting Cash Prize with Fantasy Cricket App

As soon as the Indian Premier League kicked off, the demand for fantasy cricket app boosted all of a sudden. These gaming apps have gained significant popularity due to its challenges, contest, and the exciting nature of predicting and winning a prize. For those who have a great knowledge of Cricket love to invest their time and play this game pretty seriously. Since cricket is an unpredictable game and anything uncertain can happen, it gets very hard to get through it and win. With dozens of cricket fans, these apps have made quite a hysterics opportunity for challenge seekers and game enthusiasts in India to be a part of it.

fantasy cricket app

Play & Win Daily

Ever wanted to own your own cricket team? If not physically, virtually it is possible through the app that allows you to run your own tea, watch how they perform, and earn money if you win.

Fantasy Cricket App is definitely not about predicting and winning based on luck, but a deep understanding of the game, player’s statistics, pitch report, and competitor’s strategy must be known. This can help you identify which team holds the potential to win and make you win too!

From choosing the caption to batsmen, runner, bowlers, wicket-keeper, each is designated with specific points respectively. Your research and analytical skills are what can help you achieve success in the game.

How to Play?

how to play


  • Create the best team with the players by your brainstorming skills
  • Learn about the pitch through pitch report and identify if it’s a bowling or batting pitch and based on that select batman or bowlers accordingly
  • Choose through preferred matches that you wish to be a part of
  • To add fun, you can compete with your group of friends or family members who are equally crazy about playing cricket like you
  • Form different content that provides you a cash prize, and a large number of players whose eyes are all set on the winner cash amount, playing cricket can turn exciting!
  • It is an ideal opportunity to play cricket in a different style, run your own team and win a cash prize as well simply by playing
  • There are dozens of cash contests that you can participate in, join the daily contest, and win a chance to rank on top and achieve amazing bonuses too.

The Excitement Shouldn’t Stop!

These apps not only focus on Cricket but other sport like Football too. You can participate in the Cricket league, challenging football matches, and the excitement of watching the live match whilst relaxing in the comfort of your home. Playing cricket could be this simple, just a virtual gaming experience that also facilitates you to win prizes, and the better you score the better you are awarded with bonus.

The virtual gaming space allows the user to experience the fun of playing cricket without being on the ground. With the actual match starting, the user receives their points based on the 11 member’s performance, so it is more like a performance-based game that allows you to win based on run, wicket, catches and other points to be considered.

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