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Pointers to Ease Yourself Out of the Lockdown

Depending on where you are right now, you might be on the verge of “freedom” as the lockdown in your area is about to end.  Although most people should be ecstatic about it, not everyone may feel the same.

If that is you, the following are some pointers to ease you out of quarantine and back into the real world, crafted by experts.

  1. Watch TV or online shows about the world

The thought of returning to work or school can be a difficult one, especially if you’ve been happily working or studying at home. To overcome this, try viewing programs about the world such as travel channels featuring beautiful beaches or lifestyle shows presenting mouthwatering delicacies in different parts of the country.

Since these cannot be obtained at home, you’ll find yourself wanting to return to the real world, if only to have a chance to experience such soon.

  1. View pictures of other loved ones

If you are content at home, chances are you don’t feel that excited anymore about visiting other friends or relatives.  This doesn’t mean you don’t care about them.  It just means you are not that excited about going out to meet them.

Try viewing pictures of your other family members and friends, particularly happy ones.  After some time, you’ll begin to feel a stirring inside that will make you want to connect in person once more.

  1. Try dressing up at home

If you’ve been wearing comfy pajamas for more than a month now, you might feel that dressing up is too much of a hassle now.  To counteract this, try a different but comfortable outfit every day.  And if you are working at home, try preparing yourself as before – makeup and all.

The more that you do this, the more you will be raring to dress up again and see the outside world. And have the outside world see you.

  1. Savor a taste of the outside world

Like most people, you probably have to go out once in a while to get groceries and other necessities. To help you ease out of lockdown, the next time you go for a supply run, treat yourself to something.  This could be a dessert, a drink, or a pizza.  Purchase something that will have you long to visit your favorite places again with friends and family.

  1. Know it’s all right NOT to feel excited

Despite trying everything, you still might find yourself resisting a return to your life before.  Well, it’s okay to feel that way.  Everyone should be grateful for this extended time with family and leisurely pursuits at home.

Like in many situations in life, there’s no need to force yourself to be excited. Instead, take it one day at a time. If life before lockdown was good for you, you’ll find yourself returning to “normal” when the time is right.


This year has been a trying one for many individuals.  Thankfully, life in many areas is returning to normal as the quarantine eases up.  So try some of these methods to prepare your heart and mind to ease back into the world again.

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