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Portable Toilets | How Event Planning Is Changing

A portable toilet or mobile toilet is a toilet that can easily be moved anywhere. A portable toilet is not attached to a hole in the ground like a pit latrine. It is not connected to the septic tank as well. It is not plumbed into a municipal system leading to a sewage treatment plant.It can be picked up and moved anywhere we want.The main component of the portable toilet is lightweight plastic sheet of polyethylene which forms the actual toilet unit as well as the cabana in which it is placed. The portable sewage system is made from a pump and holding tank.


  1. Rent Enough Portable toilets

The most common cause of long lines of people for accessing portable toilets is a miscalculation done by the event coordinators. If you’re expecting 2,000 guests then two portable toilets will not be enough.

In the starting, plan on renting at least eight toilets per 1,000 people for four hours of event time. You have to increase the number of portable toilets by 20 percent if you’re serving alcohol in your event.

Calculating how many portable toilets you need is complicated as it depends on the number of guests you are expected, whether or not alcohol is being served, the time duration of the event and various other factors. In these cases,you have to call your toilet rental company, give them all of the details of your event, and then rent as many portable toilets as they recommend to you according to your event.

  1. Provide Separate Hand Washing Stations

Without hand washing stations, guests may spend a lot of extra time in the portable toilets trying to avoid touching anything and seeing out how to sanitize their hands. If you rent separate hand washing stations then guests can get in and out of the toilets themselves more quickly which keeps the line moving.

Lines at the hand washing won’t be as long because some guests will use hand sanitizer instead and skip the line even when a hand washing station is being provided.

  1. Arrange the Portable toilets in a U-Shape line

If you are arranging a very large event with a lot of portable toilets then arrange them in a U-shape line rather than in a straight line. Several large marathons arrange their portable toilets this way. The U-shaped arrangement makes it easier for guests to see which portable toilets are empty and move towards any empty one quickly without wasting time.

  1. Provide Several Toilet Areas with some gaps

Even if you have arranged enough portable toilets the more people gather in the toilet area which makes the flow of the lines slower because people will have to see around which toilet is empty to use. Specially in large events with a lot of people and a lot of portable toilets we should divide the portable toilets between at least two different areas. This not only prevents congestion in the toilet area but it also prevents guests from having to walk far.

  1. Create Signs Pointing to the Toilets

Many events suffer as there are no signs to indicate where the portable toilets are. If guests have to look for the toilet area they will be more irritated when they finally get there. And irritated guests are more likely to be rude and disorderly.

We should mention toilet areas on maps of our event such you post on your website or hand out at the gate. Also place signs throughout the ground of the event with arrows directing toward portable toilets. A large sign placed outside the toilet area will be a good idea.

  1. Clean Up

We should hire cleaning people to clean up the place after the event is over. The cleaning people should collect trash, wipe fixtures and arrange rental equipment for pick-up. We should work with a company that has experience cleaning outside or work with a vendor the venue suggests. The main benefit of using the venue’s recommendation is that they know the standard of work and are confident suggesting them. You will feel more confident that all parties will be satisfied with the condition the site will be left in after the event happened.

  1. Amount of alcohol and food in Event

When serving alcohol and food in your event then you should add an additional 15-25% more portable toilets depending on the volume of consumption of the guests. For example if you want to put a festival in the higher end of the scale then you need extra portable toilets as festival goers become thirsty after a short interval of time again and again.

  1. Event space and duration

If your event is in a very large area then you should  get more toilets to compensate for the amount of distance guests need to travel to use your toilet facilities. It will also provide the added benefit of removing long unflattering queues in one location.

If your event is happening for long hours then you will require more toilets and more cleaning people will need to be booked with the toilets.You can calculate how many portable toilets are required in the event using the formula i.e maximum waste amount = Number of guests x Time x Eat/drink.

9. Luxury Portable Restroom

Luxury portable toilets are rentable toilets whose amenities and size will make you feel that you are using your home toilets.They are clean and well-designed together with sinks and a large mirror as well. Our smaller white VIP unit is very good for events ranging from 50 to 300 people while our larger black unit is capable of serving 350 people or more. These units have facilities like climate control,flushable toilets,skylights,electric lighting,mirrors sinks,separate layouts for men and women,stainless steel partition doors and built in trash receptacles.

10. White Flushable Portable Toilet

They are not as spacious or luxurious as the luxury portable toilets but they are suitable for a variety of events. It is white in color so it will not look odd at your event and will give your guests all that they need. They have facilities like flushable toilets,highly efficient ventilation,spacious design,mirror,soap,hand towels and sink as well.

11. Standard Portable toilets

The standard Portable toilets are designed with an open grid floor to increase circulation of air and the extra large door latches for sanitary and hands free use. These  standard portable toilets have facilities like a 66 gallon tank,three times more ventilation of other units,large door latch,fully integrated vent screens,corner shelf and urinal as well.

12. Handicapped accessibility & Hand Washing Stations

We should also think about guests with special needs. Our handicapped people will use portable toilets that are ADA compliant, roomy, and have a flat floor for easy usage. It also features interior handrails and excellent ventilation. For added sanitation, we also provide a portable hand washing station that has two separate hand washing sinks. These portable toilets feature a foot-operated water pump and are perfect for festivals, outdoor events, weddings etc.

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