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Promotional Stubby Holders: The Best All Aussie Marketing

Great marketers know that stubby holders are a great option for promotional marketing. This is because they allow for outreach to potential customers, without necessarily trying to sell them anything. People don’t like to be sold too aggressively.

 You can overcome this if your brand is presented warmly, allowing you to seem more approachable. This is where stubby holders come in, they are essentially a free promotional gift that incites people to use the product you give them.  

 But why choose this option? What is it about stubby holders specifically that makes them a great marketing choice in Australia? Read on to find out. 

 Freebies Are the Best

Before engaging in intense negotiations, businesspeople have been giving away freebies. This is due to the fact that a thoughtful act can set a great tone for any conversation. You won’t have to work very hard to get your customers to agree with you if you give them a reason to lower their guard. And a free promotional gift, such as a stubby holder from Simply Merchandise, will do the trick!

 People Enjoy Value

Branded stubby holders are a high-value promotional option as they are something people will actually use. A part of the cultural zeitgeist in Australia, stubby holders are a fantastic marketing option, as they will be used all year round, to keep beverages at ideal temperatures. All that’s left to do is order them in bulk and they become a highly affordable marketing option for you too. 

 Boost Brand Recognition

Freebies help people remember your brand. All you need is to choose a great design to increase your brand awareness. Think about it, if you hand out a free stubby cooler at your next convention appearance, people will take it home and think of your stubby holder in summer. Then, when they take it with them to the beach, they are showing off their stubby holder to everyone in their immediate vicinity, or maybe they let a friend use their stubby holder, this is how your brand awareness will increase. 

 High Marketing Reach

Marketers frequently need to assess whether they are reaching their target audience. When it comes to marketing, most people focus on making the best possible conditions for their customers to become receptive. To ensure that your message reaches your intended audience, just ensure that you have the appropriate motivation and timing. This is the magic of promotional products. You don’t have to invest a lot to reach your audience, you just have to present the freebies in a way where they will be well received and enjoyed for years to come. 

 The best places to hand out these promotional items are at conventions, trade shows, with promotional runs and after a purchase. 

 For Perfect Aussie Marketing Pick Simply Merchandise

Stubby holders make sense in Australia. All through summer they’re in our hands at the beach, they’re at every BBQ and every household has them. Simply Merchandise can help you capitalise on this by offering affordable promotional products at a lowered price. When you want to invest in a great range of stubby holders for your business marketing, you can count on Simply merchandise to help design, manufacture and deliver your merchandise at the best prices in Australia!

 Contact them for your promotional stubby holder today!

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