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Residential Property Management: Managing Elevator Shutdowns

Elevators have become so important that many people cannot imagine living in buildings that do not have them. However, these elevators must be inspected and maintained to ensure they are safe and are running as expected. The only problem is that elevators must be out of action to make it safe for workers to inspect them. This can anger some people and so every residential property manager needs to know how to manage elevator shutdowns.

Talk To Your Tenants First

Because of how important an elevator is to your tenants talk to them and include them in the planning stage before any shutdown happens. Try to find out which dates would work best for them and then collate all this data to find when it would be best to schedule the inspections.

Second, alert all tenants, especially elderly ones, of the dates the elevator will be shut down. Give a few weeks’ notice so all residents know when it will happen and can make arrangements like buying heavier items to avoid carrying them up the stairs.

Consider The Timing

When setting dates for the inspections, you should think about the timing. If you are planning to shut the elevators down during a busy period, that might not be such a good idea. Look at the building’s demographics and try to determine peak days of usage. Plan the elevator inspection and any subsequent repairs on dates that inconvenience as few people as possible.

Hire a Company That Operates 24/7

When trying to find a company to do the elevator inspections and any required maintenance, it is important to ask them if they work around the clock. By hiring companies that offer their elevator inspection services round the clock, you can ensure the inspections are done when they will affect as few people as possible. Talk to elevator management companies like ATIS that offer round-the-clock elevator inspection services to find a time that works best for you and your tenants.

Prepare Your Residents

Even when you have told your residents when the elevators will be shut down, there are still some who might have a hard time preparing for it. To earn some goodwill with your tenants, help them prepare for the shutdown.

Start by putting together informational packages for home delivery services. These will come in handy for elderly tenants who might not be able to carry things up the stairs. Once you have a list of these services, negotiate an exclusive rate for your building so tenants get the best prices possible.

Providing chairs on the stairwell is another way to earn some goodwill. Tenants who get tired going up and down the stairs can use the chairs to rest. Hiring some young people to deliver mail or newspapers would be a good touch, too.

Elevator shutdowns are annoying and inconvenient, and this is why residential property managers should do everything they can to make them less so. Adequate notices and doing what you can to ease the stress will go a long way with your tenants.

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