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Roofpro Roofing Tips for Your Home

Being a first time homeowner at any age is exciting. While our homes provide us comfort and warmth, they can be challenging at times. You most likely had an inspection done before you purchased your new home, which provided you with a list of work that was needed. One area you should always make a priority despite the list of services needed is the care and maintenance of your roof. It is a very structural part of your home. Having your roof inspected on a yearly basis will help you to avoid significant and costly items, but on a more frequent basis, you can be your own roof doctor. Here are some basic roofing tips for homeowners to help you keep your roof in tip-top shape at all times.


Clean your roof

Always make sure that your roof is free of debris is essential. Fall, winter, and, spring can wreak havoc with mountains of leaves, snow storms blowing do.

Keep your Gutters clean

Blocked gutters are a huge factor in leaks and roof damage, so making sure they are clean after the fall colors have faded is equally important. Gutters will end up pulling away from your house and in the long run, will lead to water running down into your foundation.


Before those April showers and for your own peace of mind, you might schedule a standing appointment with a roofer at the end of a long winter to give your gutters and roof some cleaning. At the very least, get an estimate. It might just be worth your time and your money to let someone else handle sweeping the roof and cleaning the gutters.

Inspect Your Attic

Inspect Your Attic

After you have checked your roof on the outside, make sure and periodically check the inside of your roof.  If your roof has any leaks or damage, sometimes the easiest way to spot it is from the interior. Check out your attic spaces for any water damage, the smell of mildew or mold, and any visible signs of light from any small holes in the roof. Include this task with your monthly to do list.


 Go Looking For Trouble to be safe

One of the most troublesome areas in roofing, along with the gutters, is the chimney. The chimney often has cracks around it and roofing materials butted up against it as well. Checking to make sure the flashing and shingles are up tight against the chimney and waterproof is an important part of roof maintenance.

Look For Small Flaws In Your Roof

When you are inspecting your roof, you need to look for small superficial flaws that can lead to huge, costly issues. Look for loose slate or tiles.


Keeping your roof on your mind is an important part of being a homeowner, but it doesn’t have to be an all-consuming or daunting task. Put it on your calendar and keep these tips handy as you do your inspections. If your roof needs some upkeep, then you have another decision to make. If you decide to do the maintenance on your roof yourself, please take all the safety precautions you can.

When choosing a professional roofer, make sure you have a reputable roofing contractor. Roof repairs are important, so you want the best to help you avoid any large costs in the future.

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