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Say “Yes!” to a Newer and Better Life at Age 30

Life, theoretically, doesn’t merely start on the day you were born. You must have spent your earlier years doing everything you love and want to experience under the glistening sun – Collecting memories, doing silly things with your family or besties, and every little thing to make you live life to the fullest.

However, you would always come to a point where you realize to take life more seriously and more fulfilling. So, if you enjoyed the first 29+ years with all the pleasures and waves of laughter, then stand by because you’re about to discover seven simple ways you-can-make-a-great-impact on creating a newer and even happier life from the glamorous age of 30 onward!


Switching into a new fashion aura can be one of the must-try steps into a better life. You could have been dressing with the same type of outfit every day and that seems to bore you and the people around you. Have a taste of a new flavour of fashion and you’ll feel a lot better walking outside with your new outfit on you.

Of course, this isn’t done to impress the people around you, it’s for you to realize that life is better when you get yourself to explore and try new things. But, don’t forget that when you change the way you dress, it should still make you feel comfortably awesome!


By giving yourself a brand-new hair up do, you’ll feel more comfortable and achieved more than before. This will add a lot to your confidence and experiences as well.


You might have met a lot of people, so much happy to think, but a few of those are the ones who will remain true and who will stick with you on the up and downs of your life.

Know your self-worth, not everyone who befriends you is for keep. Distance yourself from the people who add to your burdens in life and rather stay with the ones who help you carry your loads. It’s always better to have few people to hold onto as you walk in the path of your magical life as long as they’re all genuine to you.


The way you lived the earlier years of your life might be something that either disappoints you or challenges you. Why? There must be things in your life back then that you weren’t able to achieve due to lack of self-esteem or you simzply want to go with the flow and live life as easy as you could. A sudden change of mind at the age of 30 onward isn’t a limit.

Go out of your comfort zone and never stop reaching for your goals. As long as your heart and mind love what you do, don’t stop pursuing it. And that’s if you don’t want to wake up on a day with full of thoughts and regrets why you didn’t do something to push through your beloved passion.


Going onto another physical aspect of a better transition in life, then you might as well start on working out for a healthier and more pleasing body. The fitter and healthier you get, the more satisfied you’ll feel. Venturing into your 30s shouldn’t limit what you can do for your entire existence.

How about starting a home workout? Make it possible with your chosen gym equipment that surely will intensify every work sessions you do even only at home – a yoga mat to start the thrilling and fat-burning session, dumbbells, pull-up bar, kettlebell, medicine ball, and a jump rope are the basic choices. Working out must not be disregarded for it does really make you feel and look younger than your age. Why not try it and see the best results for yourself?


Start a new life at 30 or so by simply ignoring and washing off all the negativity in your life. Forget the bitterness you got in the past and prepare yourself for a better and sweeter day.

As you decide on taking a new and better path to continue your journey, make sure to always look at the brighter side of life no matter what. Don’t be overcome with stress but rather be the one to overcome stress. Because if you let all these negative vibes eat you, then you’ll be ending up at the bottom again. Remember, your life is happier if it’s filled with smiles, laughter, and a bunch of adventures.


You may come up to a point where you judge yourself the way people do to you. As you go on a new path, throw that habit away and do whatever satisfies you no matter what people say.

Reaching your goals isn’t limited at the age of 30, you might as well be more determined and inspired on pursuing the race, right? Never give up on achieving more and exploring the wonders and magic of life, for it will be the ones that will make you feel as a whole.

If you’re reading up until here, then you might be planning your first step on a newer and better life. I want to remind you that you don’t have to build boundaries between you and your dreams. No matter what age you realized of getting and living better, the significant part is that the realization occurred in you.

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