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Street Shopping in Chandigarh

Winter, the season of celebrations, had finally arrived with crisp air, softened sunlight, festivals to celebrate, and weddings to attend. With a big wedding at our home and the responsibility of shopping on our shoulders, the girls and I were ready to scour every market in Chandigarh to find our perfect wedding attire.

To begin our quest for the perfect dress, we booked an affordable car on rent in Chandigarh with a driver for a full-day and went from one shop to another and many different markets. We carried a big shopping list and a list of all the places we would go to.

There are many big malls and showrooms in the city, but nothing compares to the charm of street shops, that’s why they are so crowded all the time, right? Especially in Chandigarh, the city where you can find a glimpse of its culture and tradition in every lane, every piece of cloth, it would be a shame to ignore the streets.

 Sadar Bazar

The first place we visited was Sadar Bazaar. Who hasn’t heard about one of Chandigarh’s most famous and oldest markets? When we arrived there, we were welcomed by the glare of the market. Several shops across the street sold clothes, accessories, footwear, and decoratives. The best thing about this market was the variety of things available at affordable prices. After visiting several shops and a lot of bargaining everywhere, which we girls loved to do, we had bags full of clothes and footwear with ourselves.

Shastri Market

Our next target was Shastri Market. From what we had read on the internet, the two markets seemed similar, but the reality was different when we went out shopping. We found something different and more interesting in every shop. There were shops for everything, from bindi and bangles to lehengas and suits. With this much variety, one can decide their entire wedding looks right at the place.

We spent a lot of time among the colors and the glimmering of clothes. I’m not complaining, but after some time, a change of scenery and a quick refuel for the next round of shopping was much needed. We located the best local eateries in the market and ordered Chhole Bhature and Lassi. Cliché, but this is what one does when they find themselves lost in the aromas of the delicacy.

Glass Palace

Now, we were done with clothes and wanted to do some shopping for the house. The makeover of the house is as important as dressing up. So, we took out our list and started looking for the most beautiful, delicate, and antique pieces that would adorn our houses and make them look like a royal palace. And we were not disappointed. At Glass Palace, we found everything we had been looking for. From royal sofas to modern lamps and lights, everything there was eye-catching and perfect for a house that was going to be adorned like a dulhan on a special day. There we bought lamps, lights, vases, and many other things.

At the end of the day, our bags were filled with stuff, and our hearts were filled with happiness and excitement. Exhausted, we booked a top rated car rental in Chandigarh for a convenient ride back home.

These are the things I love most about weddings, happy faces, spending quality time with loved ones, new beginnings, and yes, of course, shopping!

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