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Summer Style for 2022

As the summer gets closer and we are almost promised an idea of a normal season, many of us are sorting out our wardrobes to see what we have available for adventuring, or what we need to add to our collection. While it has been a strange couple of years, the world has kept on turning and with it so too have the fashion trends. Now is the time to take a look at 2022’s predicted styles.

This piece is going to take a look at what 2022 inspired pieces need to be in your closet for this summer!

Bye Bye Neutrals

Neutrals are well known for their chic and stylish appearance, but it is time to pack those tried and trusted classics away for a straight swap into a color explosion. There are no specific colors that you are required to get your hands on for turning heads, but the brighter the better seems to be the consensus. Think fuchsia, cobalt blue, lime green, and neon yellow to get you started. Clashing these colors does not seem to be a problem either. So if your heart is feeling a cobalt blue shirt with lime green trousers, then give in to those desires!


Stripes have never really gone out of fashion – they are one of those staples that stand the test of time. However, they are making an appearance on the catwalks this year, which means it could be time to invest in some new pieces. Visit some of the best Nantucket clothes websites to get hold of some high quality striped shirts to add to your closet collection.

Disco Dress Up

It is time to go head to toe glam with sequins, sparkling mesh, glitter, chainmail, crystals, and other eye catching embellishments when we are planning a night on the town. Summer 2022 trends are showing there is no such thing as being overdressed and if you want to mix and match, or even wear these all together, you are encouraged to just go for it!

Y2K for 2022

Y2K, which refers to the year 2000, is a style that has made a very surprising comeback 22 years later. It is extremely niche, unlike a red lip or a leather jacket, and while we do not know how long we will be enjoying the revival, it is definitely worth taking part in while it is here. Think crochet tops and hats, butterfly and dolphin designs, chunky sneakers, colorful sunglasses, and junk beaded jewelry to name a few! Anyone can embrace the Y2K trend no matter what their age, just find something that you like the look of and run with it!

Cut Outs

Outfits with cut outs do add an interesting layer to a piece, and offer a unique focal point.

Crops are still in, and we know where the gap goes, but jumpsuits, jumpers, and dresses are now seen to have interesting missing shapes which can give a fun and/or sexy look to a piece of clothing.


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