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Terms to Remember While Buying New Tyres

There is no doubt that when you ask someone about the most vital components in a vehicle, very few will mention ‘tyres’ in their list. Why? The reason is that people do not understand the various functions performed by them. For instance, how many people know that the tires are responsible for carrying the weight of the vehicle along with the passengers? Apart from this, they are tasked with braking and acceleration.


Keeping in mind the numerous tire functions, car experts and automobile manufacturers have stressed on the importance of buying quality tires from reputable sources. Many people buy inferior quality tyres because they prefer price over quality. Trust us when we say that you can get good quality tires at reasonable prices. There are so many tire brands around now that it is possible to find high quality tires in nearly every price range.


However, that is not why we are here today. The focus of this article is on certain terms that you must remember while buying new tires. These terms are:

1.    Markings on the Sidewall

If you are buying tires in Dubaior elsewhere, you will see certain markings on the tire’s sidewall. All tires have markings as it is standard procedure. For instance, you might see 265 /70 R16 or 265/65 R17 written on the sidewall along with numerous other markings. Do you know what 205 55 R16 means? No, right? Well, there is no cause for alarm or embarrassment as most car owners don’t know about it either, but we are going to tell you how to read them.

In case of 265/65 R17, the 265 is the width of the tire in millimetres. The 65 represents the height of the tire in relation to the width, while R means that it has a radial construction. The 17 is the diameter of the wheel. Overall, this is the tire’s size. Never equip a vehicle with a tire that is smaller than the recommended tire size.

2.    Rolling Resistance

The tire salesman might tout low rolling resistance as a standout feature of a particular tire. Rolling resistance is the energy that the tire requires to roll the vehicle along the surface. A low rolling resistance means less fuel consumption and better acceleration.

3.    Tread

The tread is the part of the tire that comes into contact with the road. A salesperson might walk you through different tread types along with their benefits and drawbacks. There is no good or bad tread as the pattern depends on the tire. Nevertheless, the tread must support quick water dispersion and consistent traction throughout the year.

4.    Run-Flat

Tire manufacturers are now offering cost-effective run-flat tires. These tires can be driven around even after complete loss of air pressure. Previously, the run-flat technology was limited to premium tires by premium brands. Now, the technology is becoming increasingly common and inexpensive.

5.    Hydroplaning

When tires begin to lose traction on wet surfaces, the phenomenon is known as hydroplaning. In some countries, it is referred to as aquaplaning. While buying new tires, ask the salesperson about the tire’s resistance to hydroplaning. Do a quick Google search to know more about the tyre’s performance in wet conditions. Hydroplaning is quite dangerous and is responsible for fatal collisions worldwide.

6.    Load Index

Somewhere at the end of the 265/65 R17 marking, there will be a marking which is referred to as the load index. The load index is the maximum weight a single can carry safely. If the vehicle is loaded beyond the load index, the tires can burst or become irreparably damaged. It is not just the tires that you need to worry about. Overloaded vehicles can cause undue stress on the engine and the suspension system, which are quite costly to repair and even costlier to replace entirely.

Wrap Up

This concludes our article. We know that are lots of other key terms that need to be kept in mind while buying new tires. However, it is our belief that the terms mentioned above are more important than the ones we have left out. Please share the post with your friends and family so that they can take an informed decision while buying new car tires.

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