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The Basics of International Car Shipping – Checklist

When you ship your car overseas, you cannot afford to take it easy. In-depth research has to be done on reputed transporters specializing in international car shipping before one is ultimately selected. Apart from the selection of the shipper, several aspects need looking into. Do not leave all the responsibility on the company, there are several steps that you should take too. A combination of the two will ensure safe and damage-free delivery of the car to the destination.

Here is a checklist of the informed decisions and activities that you should take to start your car shipping process to an international destination.

Pickup and delivery

Before choosing a transporter, consider the matter of pickup and delivery and what would match your needs. Do you want the transporter to pick up the car from your home or are you prepared to drive down to a designated drop off spot? If you want to ship a new car, most carriers will pick up the car directly from the dealership. Select one accordingly.

Next is the aspect of delivery, some transporters will deliver your car to the exact destination as specified by you while others will deliver to a terminal at the nearest port-of-call. When that terminal is at a distance from your ultimate location, there will be another round of transportation for you, adding to your worries.

Hence select an international car shipping company that will drop off your car to a precise location or at least somewhere near it.

Selecting an international car transporter

Once you have selected the pickup and delivery schedules, it becomes slightly easier to choose the shipping company as you have the parameters ready with which to search for. Spend some time researching the companies that deliver at your destination. You can be sure about the credentials of the company if it is registered with the Department of Transportation and has a registration number of both the U.S. Department of Transportation and Motor Carrier. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau if a company has a complaint filed against them and whether that has been resolved. Visit websites and check the testimonials. If contact numbers of past customers are available, call them to know their experiences.

When the damage-free shipment of your car is on the line, it will pay in the long run to be extra cautious.

Confirm the shipping insurance

All carriers are mandated to have insurance cover but check if there is adequate cover to take care of the cost of your car and accessories. The mode of transport – train, truck, ship – will surely be under insurance but is there enough to take care of the goods-in-transit. Call the international car shipping company’s insurance agent to verify this aspect.

Prepare your car for transport

Before you hand over the vehicle to the shipping agency, it is critical to prepare your car for the journey ahead. The first step is to clean the car thoroughly of grime, dirt, and dust. Any minor scratches or dents will be visible and by comparing the vehicle after delivery with the present state, you will at once know of any damage en route. Photograph the car from every angle and keep the photos date stamped with you. It will be easier to claim damages from insurance companies in the event of any smashups you notice after delivery.

Follow these basic guidelines when you entrust your vehicle to an international car shipping agency for safe transportation overseas.





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