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The Beginners Guide to Mastering the Online Rummy Game

Indian Rummy is one of the popular variants of traditional card games. It is played between two to six players on a table using one or two decks of cards. For 2 players, one deck of cards is used and for more than two players two decks are used. Every player is dealt with 13 cards and needed to arrange the cards in valid sets and sequences. To be successful in the game it is mandatory to declare the game with valid sequence and set. Online rummy is a digital version of the traditional rummy game, and has grown its popularity across the world.

Rummy has some enjoyable variants that keep the players engaged and entertained. To ace the game of rummy, players are required to use skills and make strategies. If you are new to online rummy card games then it is important to know how to play rummy game and need to focus on improving the skills that are needed to win the game.

Before jumping to some of the tips of online rummy card games let’s understand what sequences and sets are.

Pure Sequence: In a pure sequence, players have to form 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit. It should not consist of a joker card for making a pure sequence.

For example, K of ♣, Q of ♣, J of ♣ and 10 of ♣ form a pure sequence.

Impure Sequence: In an impure sequence, players can form a group of 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit but having a joker card in it. Joker cards can be used in place of a missing card to form the impure sequence.

For example, 6 of ♠, 7 of ♠ and PJ or wildcard joker forms an impure sequence. Here, PJ or wildcard joker is used in place of 8 of ♠ or 5 of ♠.

Set: To form a set in a rummy card game players are required to group 3 or more consecutive cards of similar numbers of different suits. Players can form a pure set and an impure set.

For example, 5 of ♥, 5 of ♣, 5 of ♦ and 5 of ♠ can be used to form a set.

For example, A of ♣, A of ♠ and PJ or wildcard joker (in place of A of ♥ or A of ♦) are used to form a set with a joker card.

Tips to Master Online Rummy Game

1.   Understand the rules of the game

Before playing a rummy card game for real cash, it is important to understand the rules of the game completely. To begin with, players must understand the motive of online rummy games, which is quite basic. Players need to arrange all 13 cards that are dealt to them into sequences or groups of sequences and sets. A valid declaration requires at least two sequences, out of which at least one needs to be a pure sequence.

2.   Playing practice games

If you are new to online rummy card games then it is advised to play practice games which helps in enhancing the gaming skills. Players can quickly learn the rules and techniques of the game and master the game in no time. Players can also discover new strategies for winning the game. By playing practice games beginners can prepare themselves for various challenges which they may face while playing online rummy card games. Players can play practice games for free at Rummy Passion and improve their skills and learn certain strategies.

3.   Pick the right variant of the game

Online rummy is one such card game in which players can play different variants of the game such as Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy. Along with these variants, players can also participate in Rummy tournaments. The rules of all the variants are almost similar and easy to understand. Players can choose any one variant or play all three as per their skills.

4.   Avoid the same mistake

Sometimes new players start playing online rummy cash games without having adequate knowledge and understanding of the rules and techniques of the game. Players are always advised to sharpen their rummy skills to prevent losing the game. Beginners need to play practice games to hone their skills and knowledge of different rummy strategies. It might get difficult to ace the game if newbies are playing it without a plan. Players need to ensure that they discard only those cards which are not needed by them. Picking cards from the open pile gives an indication to the opponents about the cards which are in the hand.


All in all, rummy is a skill-based card game in which players are drawn with an equal number of cards. Players are required to form sequences and sets for which they have to use certain skills and strategies. As you are aware of some of the tips to master the game of online rummy. Join the tables at India’s best rummy app and earn attractive rewards and prizes.


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