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The importance of complex hand surgeries and the specialized surgeons for them

The human mechanism is a complex system that only operates to its full potential when all its different components are working in harmony. One of the most critical and intricate components of human bodies, whose significance and impact is often overlooked, is the hand. Human hands and wrists are delicate and powerful tools for survival and manifestation in the world. Once any part of it is damaged, it causes immense trouble and pain, turning our perfectly working lives into a living nightmare. There can be numerous medical conditions of the hand, each with their own complications and implications. A few of them are:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Trigger finger
  • Dupuytren’s Contracture
  • DeQuervains Tenovaginitis
  • First carpometacarpal arthritis

In case, one suffers from any of these common hand conditions; it is best advised to undergo a hand surgery in the soonest for an instant cure and to prevent further complications. Hand surgery is a specialized area of surgery for which having prior skills and knowledge of Orthopaedic, Plastic and General Surgeries are a must.  In most cases, proper hand microsurgery from a skilled orthopaedic surgeon can be life-transforming and be the end of all pain and problems.

Why Hand Microsurgery?

Human hands have delicate and intricate anatomy comprising of a complex system of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels. Due to this minute intricacy, surgeons often rely on microsurgery techniques that can operate on the smallest of structures including nerves and blood vessels of the hands and fingers, using specifically designed instruments such as the microscope. These are performed under high care and accuracy, with the ability to repair damaged areas, re-attach severed fingers or hands, which may involve grafts of skins, arteries, nerve endings and free transfer of tissues.

Microsurgery not only improves the structural and functional calibre of the hands and wrists but also makes it more aesthetically pleasing. It is often recommended to go through intensive hand therapy post-surgery, in order to ensure fast recovery and rehabilitation. Microsurgery uses cutting-edge scientific advancements and innovative technologies to guarantee successful hand surgery with long-lasting benefits, giving the power back in one’s hand.

Australia has few of the best hand and wrist surgeons, who are experienced and specialize in hand microsurgery. The Gold Coast orthopaedic specialists are certified and skilled professionals. With a vast range of experience and healthy patients as proof, they truly revolutionized the field of microsurgery.

Why choosing a specialist hand surgeon is important?

When it comes to dealing with any complexities with the body, and in this case, the hand, choosing the appropriate hand surgeon for the purpose is crucial. Whether one has a stiff and swollen hand or one that lacks any strength and sensation, it must be urgently reviewed by a hand specialist surgeon, who can make proper assessments and provide a concrete treatment and solution.

Like many Gold Coast orthopaedic specialists, a decent level of qualification and exposure and specialization in the field of complex hand surgeries is a prerequisite before one selects an appropriate hand surgeon to be operated by.

Hand surgeries require the dexterity of movement, and in-depth understanding of this essential body part and one shouldn’t settle for anything but the best hand and wrist surgeons.


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