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The Importance of Designing an Attractive Shop Signage

Shop signage these days is excellent mediums to draw the attention of a potential customer to the business.  The front side of the shop is considered as an icing which can enhance the visibility by leaps and bounds. If you have never thought or heard about shop signage you can now explore its significance. The basic purpose of a signage is to draw the attention of the people moving around your shop and invite them to visit to your store in an indirect but discreet manner. Attractive graphics, live videos, captivating content, clear fonts and selection of colors and lights can play an important role to make your signage highly effective and unique among other brands out there.

Shop Signage

People usually spend a huge amount of money on the interior decoration of the shop. But is it not good enough to pull in the outside crowd? Shop signage is a verybasic and cost effective method of advertisement draws in the people from outside.

Advantages of Shop Signage:

1) Highly Effective in Boosting Sales: Signage acts as a silent salesperson for your business. These are visuals created outside the store which creates a positive impression in the minds of the potential customers. From time to time you must detect whether the shop signage being used is working or not. This can be done by checking the sales being incurred. Usually an appealing signage can boost sales. However if people are passing by and not noticing it then you might want to change it.

2) Type of Signage Used Must Be Considered: There are many different types of shop signage which can be used indoors and outdoors. Illuminated signs, posters, pavement signs, pole signs, roller banners etc are some of the options choose from. Every type of signage has different uses and is available in different shapes and size. Therefore it becomes important to select the signage which can convey the true message of the business.

3) Display Crucial Information:  Keep the content of the signage short, simple and easy to understand. It’s always advisable to keep the fonts simple, big, bold and dark in color with a lighter background. Make sure that the letters align with the graphics and make use of capitals wherever possible. You might also ensure the look of the shop signage is as effective in the night time as it is during the day. People pass through your shop quickly and hence the use of bold and vibrant letters becomes very important.

4) Impact Created:  Don’t take the importance of signage very lightly. Shop signage can captivate the attention of the potential customer and hence while designing ensure that you work on the minutest detailing as well. The design of the signage should be such that it should be able to make a great impact on the target audience. A good signage is one which raises a question or interest in the minds of the potential client and makes them enter the store to get the answer or their interest fulfilled.

5) Get it illuminated: Based on the budget you have in hand, you can decide whether or not to illuminate the shop signage. Illuminating shop signage works wonder after dark. People driving in cars can locate the shop even from far and hence opens up your customer reach significantly. This can indeed be an added bonus for the company.

There are basically five types of signage which are very important from the point of view of a retail store.

  • Outdoor signage
  • Informational Signage
  • Persuasive signage
  • Mats
  • Navigation signage


The main idea behind investing in a shop signage is to attract more people from outside. So do not wait any further and find a reputed company which can help you design the perfect signage and start the branding of your business soon.

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