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The Journey for an OEM Toothbrush

What is an OEM Toothbrush

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Toothbrush is made according to the customer’s demands or product specification. For example, any toothbrushes with a customized design, material, packing, dimensions, functions or even colors can be classified as OEM.

N-amboo Toothbrush offers:

A. High quality bamboo products with cost-effective prices

B. Toothbrush packaging and labeling with your branding

C. Custom packaging options (to match your other product lines etc.)

D. Option of only working with selected products

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Why OEM Toothbrush

N-amboo Toothbrush has been offering its products successfully as N-amboo branded as well as OEM branded. Although we are keen to introduce our own brand our primary focus though is to bring the toothbrushes to as many customers as possible. OEM solution will make it easier and faster because:

A. Users already know the history of the local supplier

B. Customers are used to buy high quality toothbrushes from their local supplier and the fact that a new product carries the name of the company, reflects the highest quality

C. This option allows the supplier to bundle the N-amboo toothbrush along with its own products for a complete package sold under its own brand.

Quality Assurance

For us, perfectionism means screening and optimizing processes down to the last detail. This is why we not only produce our toothbrushes to the highest standards but also develop production machinery in part ourselves. This challenging attitude paves the way for unique products, smooth production processes and optimum cost-efficiency.

Why Choose N-amboo

N-amboo Toothbrush has been an innovation leader for decades and is a reliable partner for almost many branded goods and multinational retailers. As a system partner, we think in terms of category solutions for customers, for whom we develop and offer a customized range of oral care products for consumers–including bamboo toothbrushes, plastic toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, kids toothbrushes, dental floss, latest bamboo products and so on.

Our aim is to make the best offer to customers, taking account of all cost and service factors throughout the entire toothbrush life cycle. This means that N-amboo customers receive the best price-performance ratio in the sector.

Regarding OEM situation is beyond imagination. So, what is the OEM?

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. That is to say, a manufacturer produces products and accessories for the requirements of another manufacturer. In short, it is the production of the brand.

At first, OEMs were not very common in China, and they were first popular in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. With the rapid development of the times, OEMs are gradually infiltrating. And more and more factories choose to produce products in this way. Sure, In our daily lives, many of the things we buy are also used in this way.

At the moment when the Internet is prevalent, online shopping has become one of the most popular ways at home and abroad. As we all know, China’s labor force is the cheapest. Therefore, people from abroad often buy things in our country through online. But what they need to buy must have their own mark or have their own characteristics, which requires the factory to process. For example, to wholesale toothbrushes online, we will first look at a model and talk to the seller. We will discuss the situation of bristles first, and then we will talk about the situation of printed Logo. The average customer has to have their own Logo, which is the processing. So, OEM situations are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

So why are more and more people choosing OEMs this way?

Obviously, using this method can reduce the cost of the enterprise and bring more and more profits to the enterprise. Secondly, using this method can increase the added value of the brand and so on. That is why more and more people choose OEM this way.

In short, OEMs become more and more familiar to people, and gradually become a trend. Regardless of the industry, OEM has become a foundation.

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