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The Realities of Cruelty-Free Makeup

Using maquillage is not a recent trend. It has a tale-as-old-as-time as the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans painted their faces with powdered minerals for various reasons. But when it comes to cosmetics, the usual question brandished is “to use or not to use?” In brands like Jennifer Bradley, cruelty-free makeup solutions are available, making more and more people select an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Cosmetics made out of organic ingredients are the current trend because of several reasons. One of them is the fact that all of the goods are not tested on animals.

No to animal cruelty

Do you know how traditional makeup companies develop their products? They test it on non-human species such as hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, rats, and even cats and dogs. Animal testing is troubling, but not many know the extent of damage it causes.

Chemicals are rubbed on shaved skin and dropped on the eyes. Some of them are forced to swallow lethal doses of chemicals to know how much it will cause disability and demise. Regardless of species, almost all of them go blind, severely wounded, convulsed, and internally bleeding. Death is not swift for them, but they probably wish it is. And when their final moment comes, they are either decapitated or asphyxiated. Mind you. The process is all in the name of the makeup-wearing comfort of those who use it. If you knew how your traditional lip tint reached your bag, would you still consider using it?

Healthier, guilt-free makeup use

Most usual makeup is full of parabens and synthetic dyes. Studies have shown that these are the usual causes of certain cancers and neurological diseases. These compounds are why in most brands like Jennifer Bradley cruelty-free makeup is a standard now as natural, organic cosmetics are free of toxic chemicals. They are also not tested on animals.

Chemical-free maquillage is cleaner and better for any skin type. Instead of chemicals, the ingredients used in producing them are not dangerous. Antioxidants, vitamins, and collagen are just some of the nutrients necessary for beautiful, clear skin. So you are less likely to have epidermal inflammations, allergies, and acne breakouts.


A lot of traditional makeup is mineral-based. It may sound good and all-natural, but it is quite the opposite. Aluminium and lead have been at the top of the list. But aside from being detrimental to a person’s health, it has ecological effects as well. Just like lead-based kohl in ancient Egypt, the minerals are mined extensively. It destroys what is left of the environment, influencing how the wildlife in that ecosystem lives afterwards.

When you use organic makeup, you save a lot of animals, and you also do not contribute to the destruction of possibly amazing and beautiful land areas, fauna, and flora.


Contrary to popular belief, most organic-free cosmetics are easy on the pocket. These companies do not do mass animal testing on any of their products. Therefore, their products are more affordable than traditional makeup lines. Plus, you save two things in the process – your money and the animals.

Both customer and retailer demand are off the charts when it comes to organic, cruelty-free makeup. If you are trying to decide which kind to use, consider buying from cruelty-free maquillage brands for a healthier, and stress-free you.

Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.
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