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The Value of Home Elevators

You would think that having a home elevator is only for the rich or people in need of mobility assistance, but no. These days, home elevators are no longer a luxury reserved for select houses. Some residential properties have been innovated to accommodate another level of practicality and convenience in the form of home lifts.

The main reason? The prices of materials, installation, and maintenance have dropped over the years, allowing more people to acquire this type of home improvement. Plus, having a lift at a property has many benefits. Reach out to Platinum Elevators today to see how you can improve your humble nest with the modern touch of an elevator.

Read below for the benefits of a home elevator.

What Value Do Home Elevators Have?

1 Increases the Value of Residential Property

A home elevator turns your home into a profitable investment. It attracts buyers because it addresses both present and future conveniences, specifically, mobility inside and outside the house for young and older residents. Property buyers always take into consideration the immediate and delayed benefits they will get from an investment.

2 Has High Functionality

If you enjoy shopping online, home elevators can benefit you well. You can make big-ticket online purchases and carry them conveniently to your room upstairs. As a result, home decoration becomes less of a struggle when you can just put boxes of décor in the elevator to transport them wherever in the house.

3 Is a Style Statement

An elevator at home instantly adds a feel of modernity and innovation to your home. You can even talk to your contractor for materials and colours that suit your personality, style, and interiors.

4 Increases Amount of Available Space

The layout of a staircase demands more space compared to an elevator, which only needs a vertical shaft and corner. An elevator allows you to have more space for other rooms inside the house or a bigger backyard. You end up maximising the land area you bought without the place looking too crowded.

5 Improves Home Safety

Home elevators lessen the risk of fall-related injuries at home, e.g., falling from the stairs. It also minimises the risk of children slipping and rolling down the steps while playing.
Besides, there is a lesser risk of back and hip injuries brought about by lifting heavy objects. You can safely move furniture, groceries, boxes, packages, and people up and down the house.

6 Accommodates All Types of Residents

Staircases are not so friendly to people with mobility issues. Elevators, on the other hand, cater to everyone. People on wheelchairs can get in, so do people in crutches.


Home elevators can be for everyone, not just for the rich and famous. They serve as property upgrades, outlets for style expression, and functional elements in a place of residence.

Make sure to choose what works well with your architecture, interior design, space, and budget. There are various quality materials available that you can use to build a suitable lift design for your home. If you need more information, it’s best to consult an expert.

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