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Top 8 Benefits of Using SMS for Fundraising

If you are looking for a new way to fundraise, then you should take a hard look at SMS messages. There are many benefits to using this type of technology. It is a simple, cost-effective way to collect donations from your donors. SMS messages also generate more revenue on average and provide better conversion rates than e-mail marketing campaigns, paper mailings, and even online donation pages.

Here are the top benefits of using SMS messages for your fundraising efforts including:

1) It’s easy to track

When you use SMS tools from companies like Tatango, you can keep track of how many messages are delivered as well as how many people open the message. This is done through unique shortcodes which is a lot easier than tracking the success of other forms of communication.

2) It is cost-effective

The cost of sending out an SMS message is minimal when compared to the cost of a phone call or direct mail. This means you can send out a large number of messages without spending too much money.

3) It is convenient

Most people keep their mobile phones with them at all times so they will always be notified when you need them for support.

4) It generates quick results

SMS texts are delivered to a user’s phone quickly and allow users to respond quickly. This means it’s easy for your supporters to give what you’re asking for.

5) It gets people talking

SMS messages allow you to reach out to others in almost real-time. That means people are more likely to share their thoughts about the message with others. This creates a ripple effect where other people may start to support the cause too. While this may not always generate much money, it does help your organization get more recognition which makes it easier for potential donors and supporters to find you online.

6) It’s very reliable

SMS is a very reliable form of communication. Because the message is instantly delivered, it tends to be what’s referred to as a “live message”. Therefore, people tend to be more willing to help out with your cause because it gives them the chance to see what is happening right now.

7) It’s personalized

When you use SMS messages, you can deliver personalized messages that will encourage people to help out with your cause. This means every message that gets sent out will be related directly to them which makes them more likely to donate.

8) Borders don’t matter

SMS can be used in any country regardless of mobile phone coverage which is an upside if you have donors in remote regions where internet access isn’t available.

One of the things that you have to take into consideration when using this form of communication is that it’s a little more impersonal than others. For example, it’s more difficult for you to build trust with someone when messaging them since there is no real connection between you. While this may not be quite as effective for some organizations, it can still be highly successful if used correctly.

The key to success using SMS marketing is knowing your audience and what they want from you.

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