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Top Myths and Misconceptions in the Marquee Industry

Pop up tent culture has picked up pace in the past few years and for all the good reasons. They can handle any sort of event, and the extent of customization that they provide makes life a lot easy. The marquee industry has gone from strength to strength entering various industry verticals like branding, marketing, event management etc.

However, just like with great powers come great responsibilities, with great growth come even greater misconceptions, and the marquee industry has been plagued with them. To an extent, it is understandable because like groceries, you don’t buy a gazebo tent every once in a while.

Here I (with inputs from experts at Extreme Marquees) will try to address most misconceptions about marquees, their manufacturing, their costs and also about the accessories that come with it. So here we go.

  1. Marqueesare not worth their investment?

Ans. Most people are not able to distinguish between the quality of our marquees and those available at shops. They get sucked into the trap of lower prices offered local vendors. Extreme Marquees put in years of expertise into every single marquee they manufacture and only then they are confident enough to provide a 10-year-manufacturer warranty on their products. We are the only manufacturers in the market that can boast of doing so.

  1. Aluminium frame marquee or steel frame marquee, which is better?

Ans. Many people confuse mass with strength. Steel frames are sturdier and heavier as compared to their aluminium frame marquee but that in no manner makes them stronger. Steel frames are susceptible to corrosion and rusting with exposure to oxygen and moisture, whereas aluminium can be coated with an anti-rust layer to prevent corrosion.

  1. It takes quite a lot of time for the custom printed gazebo to be delivered.

Ans.  Like every good thing, high-quality outdoor gazebo tents also require time to be built from scratch and then fine-tuned to your requirements. The pop up tents have to be printed, sewed and then tested before we can ship them out for delivery. All these processes take roughly 7-10 days and depending upon your location; this is the time frame that you should expect for your marquee to be delivered.

  1. Marquees once damaged are no good, they need immediate replacing.

Ans. This is absolutely absurd. Even after the manufacturer’s warranty is void, spare parts are available for sale, and these can be used for the marquee to function effectively.

  1. Marquees give up in downpouring rains.

Ans. This is the most widely spread misconception when it comes to a pop up tent. Many of Extreme marquees’ gazebos hold up in the rain and are water-resistant. However, it should be noted that water resistance, water-repellent and water-proof are not the same. Water-resistant is when the fabric can resist the penetration of water to some degree. Water-repellent is when the fabric is not easily penetrated by water, especially as a result of being for such a purpose with a surface coating. Water-proof is impervious to water. The blurred definitions of these terms cause people to be confused.

  1. All marquees have the same pack size.

Ans. This is not true. A heavy duty larger size gazebo will be heavier and occupy more space as compared to the smaller ones.

After putting marquees for sale, Extreme Marquees also sell banners for promotional and marketing events. These versatile standings also have a lot of misconceptions being spread about them. Here I will bust a few.

  1. The fabric used in making banners and marquees is the same.

Ans. Banners and Marquees are made of two completely different materials. Still, the fabric used for making banners is fit for printing, but the colours on banners may differ from those on the marquees as the constituents of the two fabrics are not the same.

  1. How single print and double print differ.

Ans. Single print banners are generally made up of semi-transparent, see-through material. As the name suggests, these are ideal for printing on one side. Double print banners, on the other hand, constitute three fabrics, two printed with one piece of silver fabric between. Some customers imply that we sew two printed fabrics together, which isn’t the case. These banners also differ in pricing.

  1. Can they withstand rain?

Ans. Majority of customers fear that when left outdoors during the monsoons, banners can deteriorate quickly. This is, however, untrue. Just like our marquees, our banners are also water-proof. They are readily made keeping extreme weather conditions in mind.

The Banners come with one-year manufacturer warranty, and if something were to happen to them, your purchase would be covered.

This what all about the marquees and banners. As a bonus to all inflatable tent aficionados out there, I’ll bust a myth or two about the inflatable tents as well.

  1. They can bust.

Ans. More than a misconception, this a phobia deep in the hearts of some owners. I want to assure them that this is not true. Extreme Marquees inflatable tents have emergency release valves in case you forget to turn off the electric pump. Also, these valves are rigorously tested by us and then the authorities before they can be released in the market.

  1. Inflatables do not last long.

Ans. Inflatables are made up of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which makes their frame highly durable. The TPU makes sure that the frame can get colled or heated without any change in their chemical or mechanical properties. Additionally, TPU is elastic, transparent and resistant to oil, grease and abrasion. We compensate for the lack of frame in inflatables by exercising extra caution while making every single one of them.

  1. Inflatables are not long-lasting.

Ans. The material of our inflatables is different from that of our marquees; however, they are equally weather-resistant and water-proof.

  1. Inflatables can be intimidating.

Ans. Inflatables are structures that you do not come across every day. These are meant for folks or businesses that want to stand out and be different from the rest. This by no stretch of the imagination should be intimidating for anyone.

  1. The scope of printing on an inflatable is very limited.

Ans. Another misconception about the  Inflatables is that it has a very limited surface area available for printing. This is not at all true as they allow for quite a lot of printing to be done.

This was my attempt to bust a few bubbles that surrounds the marquee industry; however, if your issue is not addressed, you can always get in touch with the experts at for more insights.

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