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Transform Your Garden This Summer

As the winter slowly thaws and spring approaches, it’s time to start getting excited about the longer and warmer days ahead! Although it might still be difficult to have people over for BBQs and garden parties this year due to potential restrictions that might still be in place, it’s still worth revamping your garden so you can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine yourself. If you want to transform your garden into a private haven this year, here are a few tips you can use to get you started.

Clear It Out

The first thing to do is one of the hardest parts, and that’s clearing away dead plants, debris and tackling those weeds! Pick a dry weekend and dedicate it to tidying up your garden and spraying some weedkiller to help reduce their regrowth. Unfortunately, weeds will always come back, so make sure you’re giving your garden a once over each week to keep them at bay. Once you have gotten rid of any unwanted junk and tidied the flower beds up, you can move on to more exciting things.

Get New Furniture

If your garden furniture is looking worn out,it’s time to invest in a new set. Bistro tables and chairs are perfect for smaller gardens and patio areas, but if you do have the space, invest in a larger outdoor dining table or sofas if you prefer to lounge in the sun. These are both particularly essential for those who do enjoy entertaining, as they will provide you with plenty of seating for your next BBQ party. You can use these to spend on garden furniture and accessories, so you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Add a Water Feature

Another way to spruce up your garden and make it more idyllic is by adding a water feature. The sound of gently running water is incredibly relaxing and perfect if you want to sit out in the sunshine and unwind. They can also double up as lovely artistic features, as many designs are beautifully finished. If you don’t want the hassle of a water feature’s upkeep, you could add some sculptures, wall art, or decorative pots to place around your garden instead.


Even after the sun sets on summer evenings, the temperature can still stay warm enough for you to still comfortably outside. However, sitting in the dark isn’t very much fun, so you will need to have some lighting in your garden to enjoy this experience properly. Solar-powered lights always look lovely along pathways and flowerbeds, but you could also hang some outdoor string lights around the patio or decking. Even lanterns for candles would look beautiful and romantic as you sit out enjoying a glass of wine under the starry sky.

Plant Life

Finally, no garden is complete without some luscious plant life to look at. If you’re not a keen gardener or someone who has a lot of time to tend to the plants, choose species that are low maintenance. If you don’t have a flowerbed in your garden or it’s just a smaller courtyard/patio space, use potted flowers and trees to brighten the area up. Plants that can grow on trellises and pergolas would also look amazing.

Get ready to enjoy more time outdoors this summer and use these tips to help you transform your garden.

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