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Underrated Destinations In The US That Are Cheap And Calm

Are you tired of crowded US cities? well, we are too, and that’s why we will tell about these overlooked places in the US that you can go to. The fun part is that they are cheap and they are not that crowded.

As an avid traveler, I love traveling to places that are less crowded and calm. Those are the places that are hidden gems and where you find yourself. So, if you are someone like me who like traveling to lonely, cheap yet beautiful places then keep on reading.

La Push, Washington:

This place is scenic, calm and peaceful. It is a small village in the capital of the United States and it is beautiful. It is known for the national Olympic park and its gorgeous beaches. If you love nature you will love this village. You can hike in the mountains, surf, dive, and fish. It is a must visit place if you admire nature. Moreover, every dime you speed here helps support the local indigenous community.

Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Minneapolis is the city of lakes and parks. There a total of thirteen lakes in the city and they offer a variety of water sports, ferries are also famous in Minneapolis. If you are not into water sports or fishing you can visit over 180 parks that reside in this city.

You will never be short of places to visit in Minneapolis you can also visit museums in the city because the city is full of wonders and history. Or you can enjoy the modernist architecture.

Columbus, Ohio:

Columbus is quite well known now, but it is still not as crowded as it should be which is great for the likes of us because we can explore the city in peace. The city is modern and green, you will find a lot of greenery here.

Places you don’t want to miss include, COSI, Columbus zoo and aquarium, Franklin park conservatory, Columbus Museum of Arts and Lego land discovery center (the kids will love it). You can also visit the variety of botanical gardens that reside in the city.

Tacoma, Washington: 

This city with a unique name should be on your travel list because it is so worth it. There are a variety of things you can do in this city. Something for all age groups. You can walk on the bridge of glass and then visit the museum of glass both are as unique as the city’s name.

Point Defiance Park, zoo, and aquarium are the place that both kids and adults love because you can do a lot of things here. Don’t miss Lemay America’s car museum and the Tacoma art museum.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you are into foodie tours you will love this city because its cuisine is amazing and you don’t want to miss it. It is the best-kept secret of New Mexico it is often overshadowed by its neighboring cities, but let us tell you this city is so worth it.

You can ride a hot balloon and take a ghost walk tour across the old town. If you are feeling adventurous, you can hike up the magnificent watermelon mountains. They are like a work of art by nature.

Asheville, North Carolina:

The city of nature and the city of arts and architecture. This line speaks for itself. The city is known for the dome top Basilica of St. Lawrence. There is no shortage of art galleries and s museums in Asheville

The Baltimore historic mansion is an absolute must visit place here and you must not miss it at any cost. For the more wild and naturistic side of Asheville, you should Pisgah National Forest and WNC nature center. Asheville is beautiful a city that is truly a hidden gem plus it is very cheap. It is a win-win

Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

Want to know which bike was Elvis Presley’s favorite, go visit the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee the museum also showcases bikes that are up to a century old. If you are into bikes and automobile you will love this place. The city is famous for its beer and other alcoholic beverages

The Milwaukee museum of arts is one the largest museum in the country and it showcases more than 20,000 art pieces. There are a lot of must-visit places in Milwaukee but one of my most favorite is Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory. The city’s public museum is also a crowd favorite the city is cherished by local and needs to be cherished by tourist as well.

Encinitas, California:

Talk about laid back and the chilliest city where you can relax and do nothing Encinitas is your guy. It is an extremely beautiful coastal town with a relatively small tourist influx. Which is why it is perfect for summer because beaches all over the country are overcrowded and gross at this point.

You can surf or drink coffee on the beach and swim in clear blue water. Whatever, you do, you will return refreshed and tan and who doesn’t like that.

Letch worth State Park, New York

The Grand Canyon of the east is home to three stunning waterfalls and its beauty will leave you awestruck and wondering how truly beautiful nature is.

You can take a balloon ride and enjoy the scenic view from the top or you could camp here and enjoy the wilderness. If you love hiking you can hike in the beautiful mountains of the state park.

Kansas City, Missouri:

The city is known for its waterfall and its architecture. If you are visiting this city. You should go to the worlds of the fun theme park. It is a kind of place that kids and adults love because of the rides and roller coasters. The Nelson Atkins Museum of art is a marvelous museum that is one of its kind and not is missed.

These are the most underrated cities and places in the United States and if you want to avoid tough crowds and visit somewhere new these are the places you should go to.

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