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10 Video Production Tips For Social Media Videos

Social media has been on the rise since its advent. Videos and other content on social media are uploaded in millions every day. How to make your videos stand out? There are various things one can do to make his/her video stand out from the rest. A video production company in New York can provide you with the best guidance possible. However, if you do not have access to them, we can help you with that. Mentioned below are some great video production tips for uploading videos on social media.

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While uploading a video on social media, you should know the audience. Knowing your audience will help you create content that will impress a large number of people and earn recognition.


You should ensure that the message you are trying to put across is clear. Keep your video to a minimum if you are concentrating on many topics. A video that has a specific message and goals is more effective.


If you are spending big bucks on your video and it does not bring the same response, it is of no use. The video quality should not be affected. You should devise a carefully planned budget to gain maximum benefits.


The quality of your video should be high. This should ensure that the quality of your videos is not compromised. Ensure that the resolution, audio, brightness, and other such qualities of the videos are high and clear. High-quality videos are more appreciated and viewed.

Shot List

Making a shot list is important to save a lot of time during the production of a video. A shot list includes scene number, shot number, framing, dialogues, location, props, etc. Making a list with this information is important for precision.

Production Schedule

You should think beforehand about things like the time and location of the production of a video. Make use of your shot list to remember all the details. A proper schedule will ensure more precision and productivity.


You should have a clear understanding of the location you will be working in. Being familiar with the location beforehand is the best way to ensure good quality shots and perfect angles for the video. You should also be aware of its availability.

Best Seconds

If you think that some seconds of your video is the best, put them first. This will captivate the audience from the start. Produce your video in a manner that brings the best outcome. The first few seconds of a video are enough to catch the attention of the viewer.


Long videos get boring after a while. Short videos that do not have a clear message are also not appreciated. The duration of the video should be such that it sends a clear message while captivating the attention of the viewer.

Personal Connection

 Connecting with your audience on a personal level is important. They should know the message you are talking about. They should be able to trust and rely on your brand. You should ensure that it is not just about you and your video, it is about the audience and everything else.

 These were some of the various tips one can use while uploading their videos on social media. These tips can even help you compete with a video production company in New York. You will go a long way if you ensure all these tips. Social media is not an easy concept. However, with the right choices and techniques, one can bring out the best in their videos.

Vaishali Sonik
Vaishali Sonik
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