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Wear Anti Glares To Protect Your Vision From Strong Light Sources

Vision problems have no specific age to be visible. They could be visible during Grade 5, or even arrive as late as 40 years. Either way, most first time buyers find it difficult to choose the best pair of spectacles for themselves. It would be most helpful if they could look at a list of mandatory requirements and then choose a frame that suits their style the best.

Guidelines for finding the most suitable glasses

The following guidelines would be helpful if you wish to get to the bottom of this confusion of choice:

  • Use your skin tone as a reference point to decide your kind of frame. Skin tones can either be cool or warm, based on where we’re from. Bright colored frames are ideal for cool tones, and neutral frames would suit warm skin tones perfectly.
  • Go to the optometrist before deciding your frame. He or she will guide you on the basis of your current eye health. For instance, it would be best for an individual with high power to select a large frame.
  • If you need to work on the laptop for a long time, it would be best for you to choose anti glare glasses online. These glasses will prevent your eyes from becoming weary since different forms of electromagnetic radiation are emitted by laptops.
  • Apart from color, there are also certain types of frames that look better on people in a certain occupation as opposed to others. For instance- square glasses within light frames are well suited to the intelligent looks portrayed by corporate bosses and suit lawyers.
  • Face shapes also differ from each other, drastically at times. Different face shapes include oval, round, oblong, rectangle, and square. This will also help you choosing a suitable frame for yourself.

Top advantages of anti glare glasses

  • The primary function of anti glare glasses is to protect a person from glare that emanates from powerful light sources
  • It is also helpful in clarity of vision
  • It presents the wearer with a smart look

Busting myths about anti glare spectacles

Myth#1 Cheap anti glare glasses work just as well as the expensive ones

Reality– There is a huge variety among inexpensive anti glares that can be found on the Internet. If truth be told, the anti glare coating on them comes off in virtually no time. Think twice if you find the prices of these glasses too good to be true.

 Myth#2Anti-glares are always thin

Reality– There is no need that thin glasses do appear smart and good looking to another person. However, do understand that wearing these regularly could lead to chromatic aberrations, or the inability to focus due to different light wavelengths passing through. To stay away from this distracting problem, better choose normal glasses.

Myth#3- They can block the blue light emitted from mobile phones and laptops

Reality– If you have selected anti blue light computer glasses with anti glare properties, they will be able to protect from the blue light, as the name suggests. On the other hand, a simple pair of anti glare glasses will not be able to do the needful.

Myth#4- Anti glares are scratch proof

Reality- Even diamond, the hardest element in the world cannot be regarded as scratch proof. So, if some company tells you that its anti glares are scratch proof, they are certainly bluffing.

Myth#5- Anti glare classes can be cleaned using ordinary methods

Reality- Using normal cloth or one’s own shirt to clean anti glare glasses is absolutely not recommended by opticians and spectacle companies alike. This is likely to result in scratches for a long period of time. Some people even use ammonia-based liquids to clean the surface, but this is also an incorrect practice since it can damage the anti glare coating. You need not make use of any fancy solution to clean the surface, but only plain water. In case of oil on the lenses, mild dish wash liquid would be suitable. Also do not wipe these surfaces when dust is still lingering to the surface.

Current state of eye care in Kenya

Eye care in Kenya today has become a part of primary healthcare. The government currently makes use of Portable Eye Examination Kits (PEEK) for effective eye care. This mobile phone technology is being used to gain awareness about the following:

  • Screening for visual impairment in schools
  • For Fundus photography, used to screen diabetic patients and detect retinopathy in them

A lot of attention is being given towards the training of primary healthcare workers. Kenya has a huge number of people who require intervention to prevent loss of vision, or require rehabilitation. Causes of impairment such as cataract can be treated today.  Unfortunately, Kenya has faced threats from a number of quacks in the past, but it looks that the situation is set to change now.

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