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Wedding in the Tropics: Say I Do in Corfu, Greece

Known for its magical islands and undeniable charm, Greece has increasingly become a popular country for destination weddings. The Hellenic Republic might always be associated with Santorini and Athens, but this place offers more than these widely famous spots. If you’re looking for an exceptional setting other than these two highly frequented locations, you might want to consider saying “I Do” in the spectacular island of Corfu.

Thanks to its scenic views and interesting culture, the best wedding planners in Greece are swearing by the charm of this island. Event planners like Make Happy Memories are encouraging engaged couples to consider Corfu as a destination for their wedding in Greece. Owing to its ethereal beauty, this island creates a perfect setting for a symbolic ceremony in Greece that you and your guests won’t forget.

In this article, we listed the top reasons why this island deserves to be the setting for exchanging your vows. Read on.

  1. Sparkling Blues


The Adriatic beaches that surround Corfu create a scenic background for couples who dream of having a beach wedding. In addition to the fine sands and turquoise waters, the exquisite limestones and rock formations that you’ll witness in this place will add an exotic touch to your nautical celebration.

  1. Venetian Backdrop

Venetian Backdrop

Corfu’s beauty is highly regarded through its beaches, but it certainly won’t disappoint those who are longing for superb architectural designs. Standing through history, its Venetian Old Town is enlaced with homes, landmarks, and fortresses that are inspired through Italian prototype. This UNESCO World Heritage site creates a perfect background for couples who are craving for a taste of culture and history. Besides, this old town is an extraordinary spot for those who want to host a post-wedding tour for their special invitees.

  1. Ideal for Yacht Weddings

If your goal is to be married off-shore, Corfu is a captivating setting to make that dream a reality. Lined with scenic coasts and awe-inspiring formations, the local owners and companies offer their vessels for couples who prefer the intimacy and luxury of tying the knot in the yacht. If you think that this type of wedding is too difficult to achieve, there are wedding planners that offer great wedding packages in Greece which are inclusive of all the services that you need (such as dealing with the yacht owners). No need to worry about the paperwork and the hassles!

  1. Food Lover’s Haven

 There’s no doubt about it: Greece is surely an extraordinary place to satiate your cravings for delectable food. Mainly composed of Mediterranean cuisines, you’ll never run out of wholesome and mouthwatering options. In addition to the wide varieties available, one of the factors that make this place a gastronomical destination is the freshness of their food components. Surrounded by rich waters and fertile lands, Greece ensures that the ingredients of their cuisines are newly harvested by their local fishermen and farmers. If you’re planning a wedding in Corfu, their world-class chefs and caterers can recommend a banquet menu with Greek gastronomies as well as international recipes that your guests will love.

  1. Perfect for Honeymoon

Aside from being an ideal place for weddings, Corfu also has its charm for those who are looking for an unforgettable honeymoon experience. Enlaced with luxurious hotels, you’ll never run out of unforgettable settings for intimacy.

Corfu also offers a lot of fun activities that can be shared by newly wedded couples. If you’re into beverages and wine, you and your partner can head to local taverns that serve sunset cocktails and expansive views. You can also satiate your curiosity with local dishes by joining an olive oil tasting tour. If, however, you’re into extreme adventures, you might want to hike Mt. Pantokrator or rent a giant bike to tour around the island. Offering a wide variety of things to do, Corfu is surely an extraordinary place for those who want to have a memorable post-wedding vacation.


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