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What Are Some Of the Festivals Happening In Europe?

Europe we all know is one of the biggest continents of the world and almost 43 countries lie under this continent. Europe is known for many high buildings and wonders but other than that it is also known for his festivals and occasions. Europe is known for its festivals and occasions all around the world and why not it would be because the people of Europe celebrate all its festivals with full joy, spirit and happiness. We can’t count the festivals which people of Europe celebrates but there are some which we all know and are being celebrated almost in every country.

Here are the top 5 festivals which people celebrate in Europe.

  • Christmas:

The very first and famous festival of Europe is Christmas. Christmas is not only the famous festival of Europe but also being celebrated almost in all counties. We all know what Christmas is and when it is celebrated. But those who don’t know here is some superficial information for them. Christmas is being celebrated on 25th of December every year on the occasion of Jesus Christ’s birthday. Every single person either kid or adult enjoys and celebrates this festival with full joy and happiness. The best thing about Christmas is the clothing and attire wore by different people. New clothing and other traditional dresses are the charm of Christmas and without that Christmas is complete. Women and even men buy and wear brand new dresses on the occasion of Christmas. Online store are full of discounted men’s clothing with some buy on get one free deals as well. Everyone wants to buy discounted men’s clothing for Christmas so that they can spend the remaining money on gifts and decoration.

  • Halloween:

The second biggest festival of Europe is Halloween. Halloween is one of the world’s famous occasions which are being celebrated all over the Europe on 29th of October. Every single person either boy, girl, kid or adult celebrate this biggest festival fullest by wearing unique costume and clothing. Halloween is just around the corner and everyone had started their shopping so what are you waiting for get you desired costume faster before the stock ends.


Thanksgiving festival is a very famous religious festival originated by Americans. The adaptation of the occasion and its festival centers around the Pilgrims and the fest they divide among the neighborhood Wampanoag Indians in celebrating of God’s fortune. First time the thanksgiving celebration took place at Plymouth in 1621. Thanksgiving is celebrated by every single person living in United States with full joy, spirit and happiness.

Originally, Thanksgiving was celebrated as a harvest festival where people used to gather and show their gratitude to Allah for the blessing of rich harvest. But as the time flew by, the thanksgiving festival turned into providing gratitude to the families and friends. We tell our friends and families ‘Thanks’ for the reason they have been in our lives, making it very beautiful.

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