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What are the Best Motorcycle Safety Gears?

If you are a beginner, before hitting a high way there are some precautionary measures you should keep in mind. If you are adventurous and planning for a road trip on the motorbike, first of all, must consider the condition of your vehicle such as,

  1. Is your bike comfortable enough or not?
  2. Dress up appropriately
  3. Must check about the condition of your motorbike tires. The air pressure in them.
  4. Pack up light. Don’t add too much burden by packing extra stuff
  5. Toolbox containing required equipment in it or not?
  6. Must check engine oil, and coolant
  7. Also, check the conditions of your bike hoses, seals, and gaskets.

Safety gears before hitting the road

 Before hitting the road there is some safety gear which you should wear because the first and foremost thing is safety. So, few safety gears are there which we will discuss today,

  1. Helmet

The helmet is important for the safety of your head and brain. It comprises a hard shell from outside and a sheet of foam from inside. If a crash or fall occurs your helmet will absorb the maximum impact of the accident. Many riders find helmets uncomfortable during their road trip. But nowadays you can get a helmet in various shapes, sizes, and colors. So must try to get one which gets fit on your head, which does not move here and there. Because a helmet is very much important for rough riders especially. There are different types of helmets

  1. full-face helmet
  2. Modular also called as a flip flop helmet

3.half helmet

  1. Open face helmet

4.dual sport helmet

  1. Riding jacket

The reason bikers wear motorcycle jackets for riding is for protecting. Jackets for riding bikes are made up of leather or synthetic martial. They are padded from core, shoulders, and elbow to give extra protection during fall or accident. Before getting a jacket, must check that it is warm and windproof? The jacket also protects you from June bugs

  1. Leather gloves

When you are on the highway at high-speed anything can come and can hit your knuckles. So besides protection from crash or fall, gloves also give you protection against any bud or other flying insect. Before choosing the gloves must check their material, observe their style, and how they get fit. Must buy leather gloves that give complete protection to your hands and keep them warm in cold weather.

  1. Protection for your eyes

After a helmet, riding jacket, and gloves what should be there for protecting your eyes?

If you are riding without a helmet or riding goggles any road debris can get into your eyes. If your helmet has a protective sheet (in front) then there is no need to purchase road glasses. The best motorcycle shades will make you look clearly without any distractions.

  1. Riding pants

Riding pants protect you from bugs and road debris and dirt. If you are planning to go for a motorbike race then you must invest in getting a pair of riding pants or chap. Riding pants can protect you from getting wet during rain, they are also padded from the spine and knees to give extra protection. So if a crash or fall occurs riding chaps helps to protect you from road rashes and from injuries.

  1. Riding boots

Then comes riding boots. They are mostly made up of leather. They give protection to your foot and ankle during an accident. They also give riders an impressive riding look. Besides all these, there are also riding suits available that give complete head to toe protection. So these are safety gear for riding a motorbike which you must get before hitting a highway.



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