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What are the rules for shipping your personal items out of country?

When you are relocating to another country , you may want to have all or some of your household goods shipped to your new home however when it comes to an international  shipping you better to check the following prior of making any payment:

  • Are you allowed to bring the personal items, free of duty to that country? If you are a returning Citizen of the country where you are shipping your goods most probably you can ship your personal items without paying import duty. You are also eligible to clear the items from the customs without paying duty if you have obtained the Residency of that country.
  • What are the prohibited items? Every country has its own rules and regulation as far as prohibited items. Most countries have restriction as far as any food items. For some countries in the middle east having Alcohol in your items may lead to criminal charges against you. To avoid any complication, you better to verify with the Customs prior of shipping your container.

Finding the international Shipping Company

At this stage and after making sure that you are very aware of your situation and the rules and regulation, its time to find an international moving company. Here is a checklist for the selected company:

  • Is this company licensed and bonded with Federal Maritime Commissions?
  • Is this company has extended knowledge as far as handling the shipment of Household goods and personal items?
  • What are the reviews of their previous customers and if the customer is a member of Better Business Bureau?
  • Is this company having an agent or office at the country of destination?

If you follow these basics rules, you will have a very smooth international moving and you will avoid all kind of hidden fees. Check more here relocate with Classic Movers.


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