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What Makes Your Home an Attractive Getaway for Scorpions?

Watching scorpions in pics and old wild west movies, makes them look like magnificent creatures. But, when you encounter one in your home, it wouldn’t be a good first impression. While scorpions being in the house isn’t going to cause any damage to your home, they can be dangerous for you. A wide variety of these arachnids are poisonous and can sting people if it feels threatened.

And considering the impulsive nature of these creatures, you would want to keep them far away from your house. But, to do that, you need to know what attracted them in the first place.

1.      Scorpions love the dark

These stinging crawlers are creatures of the night, and enjoy their nocturnal habits, which includes staying in the dark. The scorpions are often hiding in dark warm areas which help them maintain their body temp. Also, most insects and bugs enjoy being in these dark sections, turning them into a great buffet table for the scorpions. So, if you have a basement, attic or shed in the backyard, you might want to be extra cautious.

2.      Scorpions enjoy savouring the other insects

Insects like centipedes, spiders and bugs are scorpion’s staples. They are easy prey and scorpions can savour these in huge numbers. And, houses or unattended corners that are housing such insects can attract scorpions.

If your place has insects and bugs, there are high chances of you having an encounter with a scorpion. And what attracts these insects to your house is unclean basements, food crumbs, leaking pipes etc.

3.      Looking for shelter

Everybody needs a home, even scorpions. Scorpions are sensitive to heat and they come out only during nights. For scorpions, apart from their natural habitats, our houses seem like a great place to stay. There are sufficient dark unattended corners for their hideout. Since we like to keep out houses cool, it works well for the scorpions too. And if there is a lot of clutter or areas that are rarely touched, scorpions can safely stay there without being invaded.

4.      Moisture and continuous supply for water

Since scorpions aren’t a big fan of heat, they prefer staying close to water to stay cool. And our houses offer that continuously, thanks to the city’s municipal supplies. So, there is a high chance of finding a scorpion wandering in or around your pipes. Or, even crawl in through the drain into your kitchen and bathroom.


Luckily, scorpions aren’t much of home invaders and neither too dangerous for the humans. Their poisonous sting is fatal for the insects, but for us, it only causes a few hours of pain. Also, the scorpions aren’t social creatures, meaning that they don’t live in groups. So, if you do find a scorpion in your home, you don’t have to be worried about encountering a whole bunch of them. But, if you do, reach out to professionals at Responsible Pest Control and they would remove the scorpions and handle the things that attracted it in the first place. 

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